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  1. Lost & Found in Translation

    Chapter 1

    It was all started when I was a young chap, freshly graduated, willing , ambitious and a first time visitor of Thailand and as I remember, it was the Summer of 1987 when I arrived at the old Don Mueng airport .
    Those were different times, there was a huge crowd just out side of arrival terminal lounge, pushing and dragging, every single passenger coming out of the gates and offering them all types of "decent" and "indecent" services.

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  2. Sid Leonard - From California

    I joined in 2007, but have not used this wonderful site until recently.

    As a retired school principal, I served as a volunteer English teacher with WorldTeach at a teachers college in Bangkok many years ago, where I met my Thai wife (then an instructor at the college). After residing in the U.S. for the last 20 years, my wife and I intend to move permanently to Thailand. So, I have been working on learning the language for all these many years - not so easy for one my ...
  3. Please assist- I want to install a Internet Dish at my House?

    Can anybody please assist me...........I live in a Village- Non Kho- 10 km from Muang Samsip (Ubon Ratchatani-Thailand) and are having difficulties with my internet connection. I am currently using a CAT CDMA internet 3G mobile modem and the connection seems to have deteriorated since we bought it. We had excellent reception in the beginning (One and a half year ago). I have enquired at several places, but all just want to sell me a new modem with no guarantee that it will work at Non Kho Village. ...
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  4. Where to buy electric guitar in Bangkok...?

    Can somebody please tell me where I can buy great electric guitar in Bangkok??
    Well, I'm moving to Bangkok on June .
    And I'm really really dying to buy an electric guitar.
    Can somebody tell me the location of the music shop in Bangkok?? Pls??
    If it's possible...
    Pls tell me all the Music shop location in Bangkok....LOL
    Thanks .
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  5. Can it be done.

    The first day of trying to make something from nothing. I have access to 6 rai of undeveloped land on an island close to Klongdan, 3 of which are ponds. The project is to build a farm and later a camping resort on a very, very limited budget using as many materials on the land as is possible.
    I'm already running out of money and have yet to buy a boat and grass cutter, hopefully there are plenty of fish in the existing ponds, I should know better today.
    Wish me luck.
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