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  1. Chonburi Buffalo racing festival ...

    Something I'd not seen before ... Buffalo racing ... Held around October time in Chonburi town.

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  2. How did I do?

    In my last post I set several goals as I was getting ready to get through my weekend of Thai. Now I thought I would let people know how I did. It was a very interesting journey, but one that I think helped me a lot to know where I am and how much further till I get to where I want to be.

    Input Goals

    First of all I had an input goal to read the first book of the Mannii reader. This I did in a about 10 minutes. That is about what I expected. I had hoped to come back ...
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  3. Get ready, Get set, Go!

    This picture is of the Thai Long Boat races. The first time I saw this was in Pitsanulok. It was one of the most interesting things I have ever seen. It is interesting to me because it seems like it would be so easy for it to go of course. But they race these boats all the Thim and go pretty much straight. If you watch each person on that team is paddling with all their mite! They have ...
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  4. how is it done

    my 6 year gf came to usa and we married now 9 mnonths later she returned to thailand and i was to follow several weeks later, now to my surprise she twlls me she wants a divorce, how do i do this now she is in thailand and we married in californai
  5. Thoughts on creating a course

    Recently I have decided I would resurect my Thai and bring it from fluency to professional level. I also decided I wanted to try and make a Thai Course

    Since I only study Thai on the weekend, during the week my only exposure would be to my introductory Thai course that I am creating. I thought this would be an interesting way to revive my dormant Thai, by not just studying from the beginning, but creating a method for others to follow me into fluency as well. The hardest part is ...
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