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  1. Can it be done.

    The first day of trying to make something from nothing. I have access to 6 rai of undeveloped land on an island close to Klongdan, 3 of which are ponds. The project is to build a farm and later a camping resort on a very, very limited budget using as many materials on the land as is possible.
    I'm already running out of money and have yet to buy a boat and grass cutter, hopefully there are plenty of fish in the existing ponds, I should know better today.
    Wish me luck.
  2. Can anyone help, Looking for Meditation centers for beginners

    I have traveled extensively and i would have to say that Thailand is the best place i have ever been to. I love the people the culture the food and of cause the simplistic way of life. I Ive been fortunate enough to have traveled up Nth and Sth of Thailand and now wish to endeavor on a spiritual practice in Thailand.

    If anyone is out there that could recommend a good temple for meditation and learning the teachings i would be most grateful. I have done meditation for years but not ...
  3. Seeking advice

    Hello to All,

    I would like some advice from locals in Thailand or visitors having been there knowing which area/places would most benefit from the following idea of mine:

    I would like to send a box of goods (clothing and so on) to an area where this would benefit. Either from reselling for those in poverty or remaking into something else.

    I know it sounds crazy, and perhaps it's just so much easier to send money. And how would I ever know that ...
  4. Silly Fools….

    Who would have ever thought that I would love Thai rock music? I still remember the first Rock song I heard was by a group called Black head! Not long after that I was introduced to Loso, Taxi, Palmy, and many others. Loved them!

    I haven’t been in Thailand for 10 years now (Man that’s a long time!), so I am not up to date with all the current fads. However, when I was ...
  5. new Auris

    The first thing Toyota tried to address with the new Auris is its predecessor's bland looks with a sharper and more distinctive styling that borrows the new face of the brand as seen on the Prius C and the Yaris models. Whether or not it succeeded is something we'll let you decide and tell us in the comments section below.

    According to the Japanese brand, the Toyota Auris 2013 has the distinction of sitting lower than any other mainstream C-segment model. It's also worth mentioning ...
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