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Motorbike rental VS Public transport

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I'm a big fan of motorbike rental, especially in Thailand. You can base yourself anywhere you desire, yet still have the freedom to go where you want, when you want. But with THIS.....

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One of the favourite spots. Nawarat bridge, inbound to Tapae Gate.

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This guy had a license, so was fine.

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I didn't have a license, so got a fine.

..... becoming a daily problem, rather than a monthly one, public transport is beginning to show its appeal. Previously, there were no buses within the city itself. Sawngthaew have always been the "buses" of Chiang Mai. Until recently that is. Chiang Mai has now introduced these small buses to the city.....

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..... all the information is in Thai so i'm presenting this the best i can from my own experiences and what i could glean from the afore mentioned information. There are 3 main buses / routes. BLUE (B1), GREEN (B2) and RED (10). B1 and B2 price is 10B - 15B. Doesn't matter if you travel just 1 stop, or the entire route, the price is set at 10B - 15B. For bus 10, the price is a little more, 15B - 20B. Below is a map. It shows each of the routes as a coloured line and the bus stops / pick up points are shown as red dots.

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If anyone can add to this or post some useful information about public, cheap or free transport around Chiang Mai, i'm sure it will be a very useful topic to many.
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