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Pak Chong: My Bruce Lee Story

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I've been using Thailand as a base for the past 2 years whilst backpacking Asia. I also spent a year travelling Thailand back in 2010/2553. Because of this, i've gotten lazy, with a bit of a "been there, done that" attitude. But because this is my last visit to Thailand, before heading to Australia and South America, i decided to do something other than drift through the south, or head to Chiang Mai for a month. I'm a huge Bruce Lee fan and the first of the "big 4" movies he made, "The Big Boss", was filmed in Pak Chong, Korat (Nakhon Ratchasima). So i went there in an attempt to track down some of the locations seen in the movie, filmed 45 years ago.

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As always, i arrived by 3rd class train (36 from Bangkok - or free if you're a Thai citizen). There was a steady stream of travellers here but they were all just passing through on their way to/from Khao Yai national park. The main town itself has several nice attractions along the main Thannon Tessaban road, just 1 minute walk south from the train station. Khaocan Park and the adjoined wild-west themed Khoacan Terminal are two such attractions. The latter having a nice view of the main thoroughfare. No entry fee is required for either of these places. Though i don't know if Khaocan Terminal is closed or just seasonal? But there was no activity here and everything was shut. Still, the view from the top is worth the effort. Nearby is Wat Wanchai. Spectacular aerial views of Pak Chong can be had from up here. Again, no entry fee. There is also a great night market along Thannon Tessaban, just south of the train station.

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