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I want 2 speak Thai

Get ready, Get set, Go!

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This picture is of the Thai Long Boat races. The first time I saw this was in Pitsanulok. It was one of the most interesting things I have ever seen. It is interesting to me because it seems like it would be so easy for it to go of course. But they race these boats all the Thim and go pretty much straight. If you watch each person on that team is paddling with all their mite! They have one goal and they go as hard as they can.

Due to other commitments I don’t study Thai during the week, other than that which is required to help me write my course. Now that the weekend is almost here, I need to set some tough goals for getting things accomplished this weekend. Once I set them I will go as hard as I can!

Input Goals

I will complete at least one Manii reader book. I hope to do two. I also be listening to Intermediate Thai Podcasts and colloquial Thai Audio that comes with the colloquial Thai book. I know I said I would start at the beginning and maybe speaking I can get away with it, but it’s too boring to listen to basic Thai audio.

Output Goals

I want to do One or two lessons on Typing in Thai. I also want to complete at least 4 episodes of Pimsleur Thai. The FSI and Pimsleur will be done at, 4 episodes at a time. This will hopefully challenge me.

There they are. My goals for this weekend. I will report on Monday how my goals went. Wish me luck!
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