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I want 2 speak Thai

How did I do?

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In my last post I set several goals as I was getting ready to get through my weekend of Thai. Now I thought I would let people know how I did. It was a very interesting journey, but one that I think helped me a lot to know where I am and how much further till I get to where I want to be.

Input Goals

First of all I had an input goal to read the first book of the Mannii reader. This I did in a about 10 minutes. That is about what I expected. I had hoped to come back and read the 2nd Mannii reader book, but I didn’t get the chance. Either way I did complete the minimum of my goal.

The second part was I wanted to complete several Audio lessons of the Intermediate Thai and Colloquial Thai audio companions to the books of the same names. Just to clarify how I judge my ability to complete an Input activity. If I can understand at least 80 to 90 percent of what is being said, then I feel I have mastered that activity. I don’t judge myself on my ability to speak Thai during input activities. These are two different skills and they must be judged separately. I wrote a whole post about it on another blog

I had a problem with the colloquial Thai audio in how I put it on my Ipod(it had no albums and so all the ‘tracks’ got jumbled together). I decided I would just focus on the Intermediate Thai Audio. Read more
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