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Please assist- I want to install a Internet Dish at my House?

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Can anybody please assist me...........I live in a Village- Non Kho- 10 km from Muang Samsip (Ubon Ratchatani-Thailand) and are having difficulties with my internet connection. I am currently using a CAT CDMA internet 3G mobile modem and the connection seems to have deteriorated since we bought it. We had excellent reception in the beginning (One and a half year ago). I have enquired at several places, but all just want to sell me a new modem with no guarantee that it will work at Non Kho Village. I am thinking of getting a dish installed, but are having no luck in even getting a quotation for such a internet system and I was told that it would be very expensive? Can anybody assist me in getting in touch with a decent Internet provider that can help us get back online? The other option is to install a antenna........I also have no luck in getting hold of anybody willing to install/supply such an antenna. I got a name of a guy who is suppose to sell these antennas, from my Service provider but his phone is permanently switched of?? I am now more adamant to have a dish installed at our house..........if anybody can please give me some guidance/contact number for having this done?
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    You would be better posting this @

    where it will be seen by a lot more visitors
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    Quote Originally Posted by Khun Don
    You would be better posting this @

    where it will be seen by a lot more visitors
    Thanks Khun Don..........Appreciate