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the research for Thailand tourism (the new version)

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Dear all respondents,

I am a student who study international marketing in Starthclyde university. Now, I do the dissertation about Thailand branding how people think about Thailand's image and for this research will improve the image of tThailand for visitors. I need The respondents should be people who travel in Thailand before.

Please answer the following questions:

1. what is the first image before you travel in Thailand ?

2. where did you get the information about Thaialnd before you travel?

3. why do you chosse Thailand to be your tarvel destination?

4. which part of Thaialnd did you travel and what months did you travel in Thailand ?

5. during you travel in Thialnd, what is the most interesting things in thailand such as food or ancient temple etc. ?

6. can you use only one word to describe the image of Thailand after you travel ?

7. during you travel in Thailand, what kind of problems do you have to improve your travel ?

8. could you write your personal information to improve my reserch such as name, age, gender, nationality, education, job, your activity ?

Best regards and thank for your help,

Dear .
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