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My life is in Norway...The sky cried for Norway Part I

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On 22nd of July, there was one of the most disater happened in Norway since World War II…Norway is a quiet and beautiful country. People here are nice and freindly even they are not very open to talk or show their feeling but everywhere I went to in Norway. I always got beautiful and nice feeling inside back home.

But on that day, Friday, 22nd July 2011. I supposed to get summer holiday same as everyone here in Norway but sice I wanted a new job while Iam going to study in my second master degree here. so I need to work in the summer to continuous this job futher. Althought I didnt have long holiday in this summer but I planed to vist my Teeruk’s family in Trondheim, the 3rd biggest city in Norway, that weekened from 22nd til 24th.

The day I left Oslo, 22nd July, I woke up alone in the early morning because my teeruk went to Trondheim and waited for me there already. I woke up with very strong bad feeling that was today is a very bad day…I didn’t have six sense but when I woke up and saw outside with dark cloud sky and a little rain. I felt so cold even I tried to close all the windows around our apartment. Actually, I love the rain. It’s fresh and always nice weather and beautiful rainbow after the rain. I tried to throw that bad feeling away and back to normal life because I have to wake up, shower and clear up the apartment before I went to Trondheim that night. I worked since 8 til 12 in the morning and 4 til 7 in teh evening everyday.

And that day The sky kept pouring the raing all around Oslo since 3 in the morning. I felt so bad because I really wanted to go shopping something for my teeruk’s dad his family and his friends in Trondheim. But I think that its ok. I got an umberlla. Rain cant stop me.

After I finished working in the morning. I went to eat something at Burger King and planed to go shopping in the downtown of Oslo. But as soon as I open my umbrella, the strong wind blew up to me and it broke my umbrella into 2 parts. ‘Oh my god, how can I go to downtown without wet from head to toes?’ I think with hopeless in my heart. But I didn’t give up. I walked around Majorstuen area to find new umbrella but none of the shop there have it. It pissed me off so much because I got wet from Head to Toes. My clothes were very wet and I needed to wear this clothes to travel to Trondheim to night tho. I took trikk or tram in English to downtown without any plans in my head that what i was going to do while I was waiting for the evening job. I sat on the seat felt really warm and thought that since I can’t went shopping…Maybe I took Oslo tour with this trikk for one or twice round and then it was on time I had to start the evening. I put headphone and turned up the music quite loud for isolating myself from all the noise in the trikk. While the trikk that I was sitting, was passing downtow. I looked out off the window and saw all the on sale clothes and stuff around that area. But I have no choice. I have no umbrella and the rain kept falling. So Oslo tour with trikk was the best choice for me.

I sat on the trikk number 11 til the end of its line and I took trikk number 12 back to some place and wait for trikk number 11 to go back to work. That time, it stopped raining already so I smiled and planed to drop by downtown for shopping again. I waited for a little while then I got my trikk and took it to the down town. Before I passed jernbanetoget which is the center of transportation in Oslo for a few minutes and then I was going to get off the buss for shopping in downtown. I can felt the trikk was shaking so much but I just think maybe because of the road or railway was broken from snow in our long winter. Suddenly, I started to see many people ran around and many glass window broken and felt down on the floor and the road around that area. The smoke came out from everywhere around that area also. The police car, the ambulances and the fire trucks ran around. I think something might have happened. I called my Teeruk and asked what happened around here. He checked the news on Tv and called me a few minutes later and said there was explosion at the building of political party which is a recent Norwegian Goverment. The news didnt say why it happened yet. I might be just some accident or something. We talked a little bit about plan we were going to do on that weekend and i still sat on trikk to my work and worked there as usual. I still kept working but still thought about what happened at downtown. And about 30 minutes later after I arrived my work, my teeruk called me again and said that the news said that there was a carbomb that exploded that building but they dont know who did that carbomb yet and now there was shooting situation on Utøya island which is away from Oslo about 1 hour by taking a car and then taking a boat to that island.

He said they might be any of terrarists who did it. There was 7 people got killed in that explosion situation and the policemen just arrived Utøya and arrested the guy who shoot people there already but the number of dead people were not confirmed yet. As far as he heard and read from the news there were about 20 people who died and many got bad injured. And they still tried to recuse the survival and find dead bodies around the island. He wanted me to leave and go away from downtown area. The policemen said it was not be safe to be around in the downtown area. I called my boss and she asked me to leave that area too. I got scared a little bit because I dont know what happened exactly. Who did it? Would it be happen again?

The half of the Oslo was closed, a few buses, trikk still ran around for people. I wanted to go home til the time I have to leave the city but oslo sentralstasjon or the train center of Oslo was closed too. Because they found some backage was left on the railway. I have no place to go and no vehicle to take back home or to any places else. My teeruk called me again. We tried to find the way from my work to Oslo bussterminal on internet. I walked from my work on the way down to the area that explosion happened and walked around the downtown almost 1 hour til I can get to bussterminal. My teeruk kept calling me every 15 minutes to make sure that I was safe.

On the way to Oslo bussterminal, I saw lots of policmen and soldies walking around. Many important places such as the palace, the parliment, Universities and political parties buildings were closed and protectec by policemen and soldiers. Helicopters flew around the city. I walked with only one thinking in my head. What happened?

Finally, I arrived bussterminal. I was so tired. My feet and legs felt over, my stomache scream and hurt so much. I had to sit on the floor because lots of people there for waiting the buses back home and to where they wantd to go since oslo s was closed. I sat there almost 3 hours for my buss to Trondheim. While I was sitting there, my teeruk kept calling me every 30 minutes to check if I was ok and my buss wouldnt cancel.

11.00 p.m., My buss arrived to platform. I was so happy that finally, I was going to leave this city to be warm with my only family there in Trondheim. I called my teeruk. I wanted to call him that I was on the way to him. But on the phone, even he was so happy that I was on the way but I felt from his voice that he was so sad and upset. He said his two younger cousins, Chistopher and Sebastian were on Utøya island while the shooting happened too. I asked him to give me a call everytime he knew something about his cousins. I couldnt sleep. I was bloody tired but I was worry about them too. On the way to Trondheim, the rain kept falling down. The rain dropped on the window of the buss I took. It was looked really like the tears that felt from the sky…

I felt really sad for my teeruk and his family and all the people who got killed in this disaster. My tears kept falling out from my eyes while I looked at the sky which was looked like it cried for Norway today...

To Be Cont.

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    What a bad experience for you and this will never get out of your head. Good luck!
    I saw this bad news on tv, i live in Holland, and I was shocked to see it to. I hope that this man will be in prison forever.