Girls :-)

  1. Pailin
    Hahahaha! I LOVE it! :)
  2. Betti
    me too! this looks like LOADS of fun!
  3. Betti
    can anyone else see what we write here??
  4. maipenrai99
    cool! thanks for inviting me :)
  5. Betti
    sorry, for the time being, I cannot switch off compulsory moderation. but I will figure out! also, seems like at the moment everyone can read this noticeboard, but this can be changed in the future. :-)
  6. Pailin
    Oh, yea...we need to change that for sure. We need our girls time!
  7. Pailin
    I'm assuming Marie has been invited?! I wonder where she is....

    I think we should add some fun pictures... I'll see if I can find a cool picture of some chicks (ha!).
  8. Betti
    of course she has been invited. hope she turns up :-)
    btw - who put this line here about chatting beside morning coffee? for one thing, I am in no condition to do anything other than stare blankly for about an hour after coffee. and then when I come round, I have to work :-) once I had an office job for a few weeks. it didn't feel like working at all, so easy-going. just typing things up quickly, and then doing fun stuff. but no, I would hate an office job after all :-)
  9. Betti
    btw Pailin, do you consider yourself a chick? :-D
  10. maipenrai99
    speaking about coffee... found this one on my computer (I might put it on my door instead though :p )
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