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enjoy food .

enjoy food .

  1. Anatta
    Thanks kha khun rcalaimo, for your warm welcome here.

    Hehe I've one old food photo which was taken by cheap mobile phone to share with everyone here..^_^ It's " Kiew Num (noodle) with carrot ".
  2. rcalaimo
    khop khun also khun anatta fo rsharing your yummy photos na khrub
  3. rcalaimo
    WHat happened to the cheap phone?;o)
  4. Pad
    Food .... is what I like .... share some. Yummy
  5. oath
    OH...where were Oath for long time didnt join this grop? silly me because there are many fooddddddddddddddd wow!!! yummy!!
  6. yeows
    Looking at those food photos sure makes me hungry ^^
  7. minicookie
    all these pics make me so hungry hehe
  8. oath
    Sawat dee guys, I have an idea to ask everyone share your recipe' what Thai foood you cook. I am start with "lon mooh" (I do not know what call in english) pork in coconut milk.

    Ingredian==> ground pork, coconut milk, lemon grass, small oninon, pepper, fish sauce, sugar and vegetable you like

    cook ===> slice lemon grass, small onion and pepper in small pieces
    1. add coconut milk in a pan and heat until boil
    2. add ground pork and cook until marinate
    3. add everything and mix ready to serve eat with vegetable and hot rice...Yummy!

    PS: if you like spicy then add fresh chilli
  9. Mulana
    food ???? yummy, heeeee-heeeee
  10. oath
    sawatdee...I am really hungry wow! anyone interested to join me to eat Tom Yam kha mooh...spicy pork hocked, mooh yang = grill pork and kraprao mooh = spicy pork stir fried, all I cooked.If you cant see pics here let visit my album.
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