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enjoy food .

enjoy food .

  1. rcalaimo
    For one thing I like FRESH foods. I know we cannot always get just picked vegetables for cooking;but it really brings the whole idea of the meal into perspective for me. The other is the use of poisons to control insects. A few holes in greens does not take away from quality IMO.
    Meats, on the other hand, need control as to the way of slaughter and feed for the raising of the animal.
    The meat of fish,fowl,grazers,crawlers, add protein ,as well as ,legumes to a dish.
    Knowing how to combine all of these with spices and flavors add to in interesting meal.Especially, if it is in combination with family and friends. Eating is something everyone needs to do to give the body and mind strenght to continue to live.
    What is your opinion?
  2. Spartan
    I love fresh seafood. When I was in Greece, I could go down to the beach, and buy the day's fish and squid right from the guys that had caught it that morning. Even had to wait a couple times for the locval kids to finish smashing the squid against the rocks.
  3. Anhuanhuan
    rca,I quite agree with you.
  4. rcalaimo
    well lol I didn't know there were other members lol . Anyone have interesting or delicious food pictures to share?
  5. Anhuanhuan
    rca, i will share them when i have delicious food pictures :) now just
  6. KKK
    wOw..!!! wOw...!!
    Very hungry OopS! hehe
  7. KKK
    Prawn fried rice kao pad kung One of my favourite..:-)
  8. rcalaimo
    I am a fan of really good kao pad. only here it is hard to get so I try to make my own. Any pictures kkk of kow pad gung lor-aroi mak mak loe na khrub
  9. Anatta
    Food Food and Food.... called me here hehe
  10. rcalaimo
    bring fingers,fork , spoon ,eyes,or chop sticks ... enjoy food na khrub
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