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Farang husbands

Farang husbands

  1. pbee
    Would be nice to have group of husbands of Thai wives,to share,experiances,views,just to let off steam maybe,perhaps advice could be forthcoming if we can get enough members,or just to say how happy/sad we are.There must be many of us out there.

    Congratulations on your new group! I wish I could join--but I am afraid I am not qualified. Hahaha! OK, may your tribe increase! Marie :) :) :)
  2. md1978
    Wow I am the first member. Now we are too ;-)))
  3. senaratne
    i am farang. But not farang husband! i shall join you if you do not kick me out! i wish i was one!
    of course, my native wife is good enough to me!!

    Edit: Now I learn that Asians are not called farang and so I am not farang because I am an Asian. The above remark is hereby edited to that extent.

    04. 08. 2008 - 9. 10 pm
  4. sawadeejohn
    pbee im happy to join your group,what a good idea i hope you can get more members to join it will be good to hear from more farang husbands on how we all get on with our thai wifes,good luck.
  5. pbee
    Thanks for joining, you are all very welcome.Perhaps you would like to contribute a small story or something others can learn by your experiance.will be offline for a month while I go home to Thailand,but I am sure to have a story to tell on my return I usualy do,lol. I wish you and your wives all the happiness in the world,we are all very lucky.Hope to hear from you on my return,middle of June,all the best PAUL
  6. oath
    Sawatdee,, I am not a husband but Thai wife and my husband is farang...hehe . Is it Ok if I join this group? then I would like to know what farang husbands talking about Thai wives, then will be guide for me to treat my husband in suitable...My english not perfect but hope nobody laugh in my words.
  7. sawadeejohn
    my wife just cant stop working from the time she gets up in the morning until she sleeps she is for ever finding things to do,i tell her to relax but she cant,are your wifes the same ,i would love to know.
  8. sawadeejohn
    oath we would love you to join our group,then you can tell us men where we go wrong sometimes.
  9. space1999
    Hi folks...I am from UK...and about to marry by thai fiance 8th sept.....VERY excited and the wedding will be in thailand....even my parents are supportive and coming with me.....hope i qualify to join this group....she has a 9 yr old daughter...and wonder if it is good idea to bring her to uk at same time? any advice welcome....
  10. Lindsay
    Kia Ora, I don't quite qualify as the farang husband yet. But the mid-term goal is to get there. The love and commitment between my delightful partner Pen and I would suggest the husband thing is a mere formality. So, I hope you are happy to accept me as #7 into the group.

    I met Pen 12 months ago and have been back and forth to Bangkok 5 times in the past year. Pen came over to NZ for 3 months and has been back in Bangkok for nearly 3 weeks. Being apart is just insane so we are in the process of organising a visa to bring her to New Zealand as a permanent arrangement. Roll on 4th Sept... I can't wait. Sorry about the little rant and rave. I am a hopeless romantic and I am totally in love with Pen and I am sure you all understand. I look forward to being part of the group. Hei konā .
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