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Knowledge People

Knowledge People

  1. statuecollector
    Hello welcome to the group, i hope we can all continue to make this forum perfect
  2. elain
    expect to learn more from this forum ...everybody ,i am coming
  3. Fairwayjack
    Hello and greetings to all
  4. lotus
    Hi, is anybody out there right now?
  5. lotus
    I would like to get in touch with someone, so are you ready for a little chat?
  6. AustralianVolunteerInThailand
    Hello There, My name is Aaron and im from Australia ill be spending 3 months in Thailand doing some volunteer work around Chiang Rai, Anyone there that would like to chat and maybe handout when im there would be great, Hope to hear from someone soon, Aaron
  7. MadeInThailand
    sawat-dee kaa

    phom chue SUSAN.

    I was born in Bangkok, Thailand. I now live in the USA. I live the state of Pennsylvania, in the town called Pittsburgh. I am looking to meet Thai locals for education on Thai living, and reconnect to thai ways of life.
  8. Darrell
    My name is Darrell I am a 58 year old American from Colorado
    I am going to Khon Kaen Thailand in Feb. to visit some new friends
    I would like to learn some Thai words
  9. oath
    sawat dee, I am Thai in the newark, Delaware now with husband. It is interesting group for me about knowledge people because I am not quiet much knowledge anyway if I can share anything will do ,and also take from you guys....enjoy.

    First thing about Thai you guys have to do well is bowing hands and say "Sa watdee" It is thai greeting sign and welcome but you need to bend your head down little too.

    If you are men have to say the word " krub" at the end of sentence to be polite and feel soft to a person who communicate with you and if you are women have tosay the word " kha".

    see you next.
  10. Christensen
    1.How do I make a nice ikon as you oath.
    by reading the userPD = gaining knowledge
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