Girls :-)

  1. Betti
    ok, give me your list :-)
    besides south east Asia, I would love to go to South America one day. maybe to live in Brazil for a while.
  2. maipenrai99
    China, maybe Japan, New Zealand, Chile or other place in South America. Don't know much about Brazil. Maybe we should meet there in say... 10 years? ;-)
  3. Betti
    I don't know a lot about Brazil either but I am interested.
    btw, do you remember that little challenge or competition I came up with when we were on skype? I have an idea. so, if you still happen to be up to something fun.... :-D
  4. maipenrai99
    I remember the competition... but I'm not sure what you're up to;-)
    I couldn't come up with anything so far... I'll think about it! and I'm interested to see what your idea is...;-)
  5. Pailin
    Okay, okay, you have to fill me in... a challenge...competition? I'm always up for competition! :)

    (ps. brazil would be lovely)
  6. Pailin
    Okay...I'm up for the challenge...sounds like a good one. When do we start??
  7. Betti
    if all 3 of us have an idea (hm, maybe I should ask Marie as well), we could start anytime :-)
  8. Pailin
    How will we know which "thing" is the thing we want to count for the competition? Potentially we all have several "things" a day. Do we share with each other which one we want to count?
    (oooooh...I love being cryptic)
  9. Betti
    I really wish we could make this place unreadable for others :-( wondering though if anyone is coming here to peep? anyone out there??!!! :-)
    Marie is in, I think we could start tomorrow evening (Thai time), objections? :-)
    Pailin I think we will be able to figure out. :-)
  10. Pailin
    Do you think anyone is peeking? I think the social groups button is kind of hidden. I looked at it the other day and had no idea that there was a new food group!

    So... how about 24 hours from this post?
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