Girls :-)

  1. Betti
    Pailin, I meant "bush", not "simple roadside bush" :-)
    the spelling - I still cannot find that version of sala a on my keyboard, that's why I put the other one (typing Thai is a nightmare) (otherwise I can write, sort of, if I really have to)
    I think that pronunciation is the closest we can get without actually speaking.
  2. Pailin
    Hahaha! I did both "simple roadside bush" and "bush" ...but no...umm... that kind of bush was found. Maybe there is hope for the world after all? :)

    So ...csajszik is a noun for a group of women chatting and having coffee? Should that be the name of our group?
  3. Betti
    I don't insist on any names just would like to chat "protected" :-(
  4. Pailin
    Pailin what's the status on that?
  5. Betti
    guess :-( does not seem to be feasible at the moment.
  6. Pailin
    Okay... here is a question of the day for the Girls...

    Valentine's Day is coming up in the US... and I imagine commercialism has sent it even farther. ...or that there are similar holidays in your countries.
    Do you like Valentine's Day or do you run from it?
  7. Betti
    I was about 14 or 15 when Valentine's day came to Hungary. our senior students and American teachers at school organised a secret postal service - for a week before V-day, everyone was wearing paper hearts with numbers, including teachers, and people could write to each other secretly through the post office. it was a huge success, and a boost for the entire school community. very quickly, the flower business adopted the holiday and it took off in a few years. many people don't like it because of the astronomical prices florists charge in the middle of winter.
    personally, I wouldn't run away if someone cared enough about me to give me flowers or a surprise, on V-day or on any other day of the year :-) but when Thai colleagues ask me, I always refuse to teach about it to Thai kids. can't really explain why. just doesn't feel right.
  8. maipenrai99
    I like the idea of V-day, especially during this cold and often grey season.... and I'd love to get flowers too, but I don't think I will this year. (now where is that crying emoticon?)
    Otherwise I don't really mind, apart from when it all gets a bit too sweet in all the shops and in the streets and everywhere.

    Maybe we should learn to show our love every day, then we wouldn't need V-day to remind us..... but I guess I'm not the first to say that.

    By the way, did you know that V-day comes from Valentine, a christian bishop who married couples that were not allowed to marry. And when he refused to convert to Roman paganism, they decapitated him....
    not really the sweet and loving story we'd expect for such a day!
  9. Betti
    yes I miss the emoticons too!
    the hardest thing about living alone 10,000 kms from my family is that there are no surprises. everything is so damn predictable, no presents, no treats, no surprises, no birthday, no Christmas, no nothing. - ok now I am not being fair on my kids but you know what I mean, maybe.
    yes, I would vote for showing emotions and for surprises on any day. :-)
  10. Pailin
    I used to really love Valentine's Day. In the schools here, growing up, it's a big fun day... with the secret cards and candies, etc. They used to sell carnations and secret pals could send them to you. It was a day full of magic and love. it all seems boring ??? Actually, I am teaching that night (I volunteer teach ESL once a week) and we're going to try and do it 'big' for our students. I'm not in a romantic relationship, so that's all I'll probably do. However, I've spoken with friends in relationships and they are all hum drum about it. Maybe they'll go to dinner if they get off work early, etc.

    What happened to the magic?
    (echo) What happen to the emoticons??
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