Girls :-)

  1. Pailin
    sun, horses, walking, and reading.... perfect!
  2. maipenrai99
    yes, it was! :-) although my bum still hurts! :D
    but even though it was really cool with my friend, I kept wishing I could do something like that with him too...

    But at least something positive: this weekend, while having so much time in nature, and with myself, thinking a lot... I found something that I learned from this "experience" of not being loved as much as I'd like to: I am actually worth to be loved and I can accept more of myself now! :-) And I even started thinking that he's a fool not to come back to me. I'm beginning to be a tiny bit proud!
    (that makes me laugh at myself, but feels good anyway ;-) )
    have a great day, girls!!
  3. Betti
    hey that sounds good. you are bouncing back! if him leaving you can make you feel that you deserve to be loved, instead of the opposite (which I always end up believing when I am left or screwed over), then you are doing great, and you deserve to be loved, and you can love, and it will just happen :-)
    I've only tried horseriding once or twice but it wasn't fun that I couldn't sit or walk afterwards, just stand as if I was still sitting on a horse :-)
    great day at school today - still no students. would be great never to have them back :-D so relaxing, we do stuff but don't need to hurry up, we gossip, share ideas, etc.
  4. Betti
    I remember now what I like about those long, tiring working days (starting next week, non-stop until the end of September): I get to forget about everything else.
    I have way too much energy now, enough to feel frustrated :-( :-( :-(
  5. Pailin
    maipenrai...glad to see you around more and glad you're feeling better. :)

    wow my days are flowing by so quickly. I feel I can't keep up with my work. Ugh...I need a vacation!
  6. Pailin
    I'm bored. I need some excitement in my life.
  7. Pailin
    Granted. ...but the excitment turns out to be disgusting photos posted by a creepy new user. Yuck...have you seen?
  8. Betti
    I should be able to remove them but cannot. I think it's too early in the morning for me to be able to get annoyed about them.
  9. Betti
    I could grant all the wishes, I always have something at least semi-funny to say, but I've run out of wishes.
    maybe I wish I could punch my ex in the face (he is STILL full of crap) but he is in England, too far. (or maybe not far enough?!)
    but I guess he will hit back :-)
  10. Pailin
    Oh, I would just grant you that, period.
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