Girls :-)

  1. Pailin
    Yes... Friday night... are you doing anything fun/relaxing?

    I stilll have a full friday of work, but am SO excited that it is a 3-day weekend! :)
  2. Betti
    fun/relaxing? go to sleep! soon. I have no idea how people have energy to go out on a Friday night. we went out for dinner right after school with a colleague and I was almost asleep with my eyes open, right there on the table. (btw, we always talk about work! she's quite normal but I have nothing else to talk about.) never been a party girl anyway. have been out for "relaxing/fun" evening maybe three times since I live in CM.

    why is it a 3-day weekend? cannot figure out what sort of holiday you're having.
  3. Pailin
    Relaxing and fun means different things to different people. Tonight I'm going to try out a new soup recipe. For me, that's about all of the energy I can give to a Friday night...and it will be relaxing and fun! ;)
  4. Pailin
    It's Memorial Day on Monday -- honoring fallen soldiers. I will honor them by watching tv and laying on the couch! woo hoo!
  5. Betti
    yea, I guess I can get pretty defensive about not going out all the time, but I really do have to make excuses quite often and sometimes I just prefer to make up a lie if someone asks me what I did at the weekend. not that they care anyway. :-) (I DIDNT mean anyone around here.)
    what kind of soup? anything Thai? or something even better? - maybe we could share some favourite recipes, just like real chicks! :-)
  6. Pailin
    Actually, it's my first soup... I've never made soup before, so I'm a little nervous. I hope I don't make a pot of crap that I have to throw out or suffer through! It is a chicken and rice soup...should be simple..we'll see. It's actualy called a "Stoup" which is a cross between a stew and a soup.
  7. Pailin
    So now that we've broadened the concept of relaxing and fun... Betti...are you doing anything relaxing and fun this weekend?
  8. Betti
    not planning to. sleeping. something like that. it's too hot to go out. and I am too lazy anyway. :-(
  9. Betti
    Maipenrai, I have found a present for you that I am very happy about. will be hard not to keep it for myself :-D
  10. maipenrai99
    wow! cool!! :-D looking forward to that!!
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