Girls :-)

  1. Betti
    oh I don't know. I think I was quite aggressive there, and shouldn't have been. and of course I am right :-D but at least I now understand the other point about conventional transcriptions, it's not just the native English superiority at work. but I am not going back to that thread to read again what happened. no way!! :-) I am half asleep already anyway.

    btw I barely speak Thai. :-D kids laugh at me when I try to read. they correct my tones of course. I will never ever ever be able to get used to saying tones, even though I listen to Thai speech for at least 2 hours a day.
  2. Pailin
    I don't think you were aggressive at all... :)

    Tones stink. Period.
  3. Betti
    glad to hear that you still think that about tones after all these years :-D
  4. Pailin
    Oh my gosh...I go through years of saying that I'm not going to worry and then I spend months trying desperately to get them and it is a mess. I have a collection that is up to about 20 now of different tone charts that people have tried to say that THIS is the one that will make sense.
  5. Betti
    oh I don't even try to learn to read tones, that is hopeless, with the five or how many rules you need to process for every syllable. I just sit with the kids and learn as they do, trying to listen, repeat and get the feel for it. they don't learn the rules until much later on. now I am back to the beginning of Anuban 3 reading again :-) I am the best in class for the time being :-)
    nevertheless, I still have problems saying simple things correctly, like "tiger" and "shirt" and "mat". and I still cannot recognise words said to me without context. but obviously context helps all the time in real speech. I should go to a course at this stage to force myself to speak more because I understand 90% of what is being said in a simple predictable school environment, but everything is just passive knowledge. the only time I am fluent in speaking when I yell with Bangkok taxi drivers.
    gone to sleep now :-)
    have a good day!
  6. Betti
    oh and I love the cat :-) my ex bf had 2 females that got pregnant at the same time and they had 11 babies. most of them looked like this. only smaller :-)
  7. Pailin
    I have two cats and I love to watch them sleep.
  8. Pailin
    Hey Look... three legged race pictures were posted this afternoon! :) I am in a blue shirt and brown pants... my race partner, Michael, is in a multi-colored shirt with white pants and red shoes. The guys in the front of the picture were the young agile ones... this was lap one of 4.
  9. Betti
    from this distance, Michael looks like a nice guy :-) and is he hugging you? :-D
  10. Betti
    I want to quit the forums and disappear. but I don't think I will ever be strong enough to do that.
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