Girls :-)

  1. Betti
    lots of stats, right? it's been ages since I last did stats :-( I can still understand them but I would be confused if I had to do it all by myself again. I will soon forget everything out here in the sticks. :-(

    so, if I impose a deadline, and you miss it, what happens? :-D
  2. Pailin
    I have had the lazy blaahs at work for a long time now...6 months or so...and it has been very worrying to me. Although, now I'm slowly starting to get out of it...I have a new idea of a fun project...we'll see if I do something. I've barely done anything all day today.
  3. maipenrai99
    Ok, so at least I'm not alone. ;-)
    I just hope it will be better when I start the new job!! can't afford to be lazy or not motivated already at the start! ... Maybe if I scare myself enough it will be equivalent to having a deadline? I know they expect a lot from me, and I don't really want to have to deal with the old paper when actually I should be reading tons of papers and books for the new topic. Hmmm maybe that will help, that really does scare me!! ;-)

    Betti, yes, stats are part of it. But it's not as difficult as you might think. If I tell you I'm doing multi-step general linear regression models, that might sound scary, but I could also say I have a program in which I just need to know which three menu items to pick, and the rest is done for me. I get an output saying significant or not significant and that's about all there is to it...! ;-)
  4. maipenrai99
    oh, and the deadline..... if I miss it I'll send you chocolate ;-)
    so... when do I have to be finished? :-D
  5. Betti
    yesterday :-DDD

    I've done regression. what's more, I used to do some of these things when SPSS was really dumb and you had to program it, not just tick boxes. (last millennium!) I just don't remember exactly now when to use which procedure. but then, SPSS has a good help menu I remember.
    hm, maybe I could help out :-D

    yes, new jobs usually motivate people. except for our new colleague who lasted 6 days, though the school was desperate. instead of preparing and finding his way around, he was caught sleeping on day 2 :-) I sleep at school sometimes, but I didn't do that until the second semester I would say!
  6. maipenrai99
    yesterday?? that motivates me more to give up than to try harder! ;-)

    so, next time I'll let you do my stats!!! For now, I've already done enough stats, I "just" need to get it all into a nicely written paper. I find that much harder than the stats! ...but next time I'll definitely ask you earlier! :-D

    He was caught sleeping on day 2?? What kind of excuse did he have? The only person I know who ever fell asleep in the office was on heavy painkillers after an operation... and even then it was the favorite joke of our department for years!!

    ...or was his interview at your school so tough that he needed a rest? ;-)
  7. Betti
    when the kids take a nap and you have nothing to do (not very frequent these days!!), it is easy to fall asleep. the previous K2 teacher had a nice hidden spot behind some shelves where he would doze almost every day for an hour or so. but he had been there for 4 years. usually, I go up to the infirmary to sleep if I am feeling really sick and tired, and then bring the work home. you can't really escape putting in all the hours after all.
    I said yesterday was the deadline so that you surely miss it and send me some choc :-D
    hm, maybe 1 week from now, then? :-) see, I have no idea how much work there is still to be done and what the expectations are.
  8. maipenrai99
    Ok, send me your address! ;-)
    which reminds me... did you ever get that postcard I sent you from Venice? I sent it to your old address. Or have you already told me you got it? I'm confused, sorry ;-)

    The deadline was going to be end of next week, but I'm not too confident about that. I'm working on the results chapter now, methods is done, and I still have to do discussion and intro. It will take me a while - actually I have no idea how long. My perfectionism is really annoying!
  9. Betti
    no, I didn't get it - I should go and ask if it ever arrived. :-)
    my perfectionism soon goes out the window when it comes to writing articles :-D I always have a mental curve of input and output. where the curve flattens, I just give up. it annoys me to death when I see people putting in twice as much time just to get that remaining 15% at the end. but sure, the curve is subjective, I am just as annoying for more easy-going people.
    when I was working with another researcher, I happily did the methods and analysis but I hate the introduction and summary, so she "volunteered" to do those. for me, it is bullshitting, absolutely stupid to say everything three times over, often using the same sentences.
  10. Pailin
    My boss when I first came here used to come back from lunch at 1:00pm and tell us that he "wished not to be disturbed". He'd go in his office...sleep on the couch until about 4:00pm and then get up and get back to work. He claimed that it's important to pay attention to one's bodily rhythms and if he's tired, he sleeps. He'd then stay later to compensate.

    He didn't last long...
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