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  1. Lives of Thai Temple Boys (คนอยู่วัด) by Maitree Limpichart

    Never before translated into English, Lives of Thai Temple Boys: A Collection of Short Stories from Thailand is a cross-cultural coming-of-age collection of stories based on the author's experiences...
  2. "A Man in Saffron Robes" by Maitree Limpichart - คนในผ้าเหลือง โดย ไมตรี ลิมปิชาติ

    A Man in Saffron Robes is now available for the first time in English translation. The book by the well known and popular Thai author Maitree Limpichart is a memoir of his time as a Buddhist monk...
  3. Thread: Thai slang…

    by khukhan

    Re: Thai slang…

    Actually, isn't the phrase as presented a mixture of Central Thai and Isan? ເຮັດ would be "do" or "act" in Lao (similar to ทำ in Thai) and I'm guessing the Thai transliteration of the Lao/Isan would...
  4. Replies

    Re: Chanting book in thai and english

    UPDATE: Suatmon Jet Dtamnaan = สวดมนต์เจ็ดตำนาน

    The cover and reference to the chanting book referred to above (the ‘Suatmon Jet Dtamnaan’ illustrated for the English translation of Maitree...
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