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    Re: Weekend in Bangkok

    After the attacks on Silom Rd last night, many of the skytrain stations along that road are temporarily closed. The rest of the skytrain system is only running from 6am till 6pm today.
    Sukhumvit Rd...
  2. Pictures: Re: Red Shirt Rally in Samut Prakan 12th March 2010

    Gor's wearing the same colour shirt as me today, a pink one. I thought it nice and neutral till one of my high school pvt students replied about my pink shirt(after i mentioned i was neither a red or...
  3. Visitor Warning: Re: Red Shirt Rally in Bangkok: 12th-14th March 2010

    Your Friday evening in Bangkok is going to be close to the red-shirts. Unless you know in which direction you are walking when going out for a stroll, ask reception on avoiding the red-shirts. There...
  4. Visitor Warning: Re: Red Shirt Rally in Bangkok: 12th-14th March 2010

    A couple of the red-shirts have reckoned that they'd get a million protesters, but appears now to be total exaggaration. Onlookers have been trying to wonder out, how the heck a million rural folk...
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    Re: Happy Birthday Stephen Cleary!

    Thankx everyone! Of course, was my daughter's b-day yesterday too. Candy is now 7.

    Must admit, older i get the less i pay attention to any b-day celebrations!
  6. Re: Women in general are confusing but Thai women..... lol

    Personally, i would say that whatever goes on at TCB goes on at TCB and shouldn't be brought up in these forums. The fourms are the forums and TCB is TCB.
  7. News: Re: "Stay away from tuk-tuks & ladyboys" Warns Governor

    According to the latest reports, the Phuket Governer has given the Indian Navy half a dozen re-modified GT200 devices in effort to decipher what is and what is not a ladyboy.
  8. News: Re: "Stay away from tuk-tuks & ladyboys" Warns Governor

    Not according to this book i reviewed:

    Supposedly, countless men in the red-light districts take home...
  9. News: Re: "Stay away from tuk-tuks & ladyboys" Warns Governor

    I think it would be a decent idea to start a thread of famous ladyboys, simialar to one Sparky once started on famous people from Isarn.

    The red-shirts have always called Privy Council chief, Gen...
  10. News: Re: "Stay away from tuk-tuks & ladyboys" Warns Governor

    I think it would be a decent idea to start a thread of famous ladyboys (not here though!), simialar to one Sparky once started on famous people from Isarn.
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    Re: Chiang Mai Smog

    Let's hear it from the 'lady-on-the-ground' herself in Chiang Mai - just how is the smog in Chiang Mai City and the rest of the province (if travelling around)?
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    Re: Birthdays-Thai Style

    This is a little off topic. But since your in-laws didn't have birth certificates and being located on the Cambodian border, how did they manage to get Thai ID cards? (and they are Khmer dialect...
  13. News: "Stay away from tuk-tuks & ladyboys" Warns Governor

    Phuket Governor Warns About Tuk-Tuks, Ladyboys

    By Maewmong and Animanun Chiwverojanakit

    Tuesday, February 23, 2010
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    Re: Mystery Photo: BKK 1970

    Gotta love this photo of pre-traffic jams days. Pic of Ratchadamnoern Road (opposite Khao Sarn) 40 years ago.
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    Re: Mystery Photo: BKK 1970

    Ron over at has an excellent long thread going on old pics of Bangkok and where they were taken. See:
  16. Re: The Nation website starts charging for premium content

    All published articles in The Nation are edited by foreign sub-editors. However, they have no-one to edit the Breaking News online section - that's why some of the English is awful. The Nation ain't...
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    Re: Birthdays-Thai Style

    One thing that is quite a modern b-day custom, in total contrast to in the West, is that the person whose b-day it is pays a small party for everyone else.

    That is, the b-day person takes his/her...
  18. Re: Condolences for Kru Juling : Suspected Killers of Juling gunned down

    Clearly reads like a boys-in-uniform extra-judicial revenge. ie... how come the gunmen knew where the Juling killing suspects had been hiding but the authorities in search for them apparantly hadn't.
  19. Video: Re: Patriotic Thai Short Videos อยากเห็นคนไทยรักกันได้อย่างเดิม

    First i've seen these vids. Good links.

    Going on from what Vision wrote. I can't see anything in that first video that anyway blames the country's problems squarely on the UDD. The video quite...
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    Re: Dhamma Media Channel

    This channel is run by the Dhammakaya order which is a cult unrecognized by the official Sangha, or Buddhism order in Thailand. An order which i have been looking at for the past ten years.
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    Visitor Warning: Re: Phuket's Tuk Tuk ripoffs

    Phuket Tuk-Tuks,Taxis: Fairer Fares Proposed

    Phuketwan, Feb 9

    FAIR fares for Phuket tuk-tuks and taxis have been suggested and will be pursued at talks involving key parties and the Governor of...
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    Re: looking for funny music video

    In response to the OP. Comment no. 2 was correct. The MV is 'Salawan'.

    YouTube- เธŠเธฒเธฅเธฐเธงเธฑเธ™
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    Re: Juk Juk, a girls name or a boys name?

    Thais just make up a lot of nicknames: Meemee, Tiptop, Lala etc... They can be totally original in the mind of the founder. In contrary to common nicknames such as: Nok, Nit, Moo, Gai etc...

  24. Topic of the Week: Re: What annoys you in Thailand? (pet peeves)

    Hah, good one. Reminds me of many a times i've went to a quiet live Thai folk pub. Hoping to hear some Carabao and Caravan from the stage, i do instead, after being spotted, get to hear Hotel...
  25. Topic of the Week: Re: What annoys you in Thailand? (pet peeves)

    Expect to give up seat for women and children - do as the Thai guys do and pretend you are sleeping - and Bangkokian males do a fine job of that.

    And yep... nothing worse when, after waiting ten...
  26. Topic of the Week: What annoys you in Thailand? (pet peeves)

    Since i haven't started a thread for ages, i think it is time. These forums are mainly positive about everything Thai, so let's turn things around for a change.
    Do you have any pet peeves (pet...
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    Re: Clothing taboos in Thailand

    Spaghetti tops and skimpy shorts or skirt are perfectly all right in shopping areas/malls and any nightclub in developed modern cities, such as Bangkok and Chiang Mai etc...
    What is important...
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    Re: who hates being called farang???

    Farang is simply the Thai equivalent to Caucasian. Farang having its origins in Persian/Arabic, the word can be found in many similar forms in many different countries/languages (farangi/barang...
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    Opinion: Re: Observers believe coup still possible

    I'll go even further. Why on earth would there be a military coup?
    Since the military helped the Democrats into power they've been given loadsa benefits: massive budgets, more power of interests,...
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    Re: I've just got married in Thailand

    Just like to verify that what Sved says is true. If memory serves me right, laws were changed in 1995. My wife has real estate and she has my surname.
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    Re: Do Farang Employers Pay Less?

    Where i am, i can't think of any waitress that gets anywhere near a basic salary of 6,000 baht a month - usually around 3,500-4,500 a month, and they are Thai - the Burmese and Laotians working here...
  32. Re: Tips on getting to Amphawa Floating Market??

    Try this guesthouse (or actually a Thai-style 'homestay') which i reviewed a year or so ago:

    Fon also arranges trips and advises on how to get there etc... Send her an...
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    Re: I am going to propose to her. . .

    If you have been living together in Thailand for 6 months... let alone 6 years, you already seen as part of the family, and for some families you are as good as married. If her family in Thailand...
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    News: Re: Be brave, King tells judges

    Yes, how timely indeed this speech is with the court's decision on Thaksin's 70 odd billion baht to take place at the end of the month.
    If memory serves me right, the King made a similar speech to...
  35. News: Re: Grenade attack on Army HQ-Seh Daeng suspended from army, summoned by Police.

    I found this old Bkk Post article from 2008 about the life of Seh Daeng. It's rather positive leaving out a couple of bad Seh stories and adding a couple of nice ones instead. It's worth a read...
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    Re: Nongkhai-Vientiane Train Service

    Off the subject of the train to the bus: i got the bus from Bkk to Nong Khai a couple of months back. I left Morchid at 9pm and arrived in Nong Khai at 4:45am (less than 8 hours). This was, however,...
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    Topic of the Week: Re: Ghosts on cell phones killing people

    Sounds like it is straight out of Thai horror movie, and it probably is - there was a movie about a ghost number like this out a few years back.
    The hoaxer must have a bit of cash to start a joke...
  38. Re: 150-seater Carabao & Maleehuana Concerts - Suphanburi Town

    PMs sent out.
  39. News: Re: Grenade attack on Army HQ-Seh Daeng suspended from army, summoned by Police.

    I've been following the story this guy, Seh Daeng,for what must be a good ten years or so. He once starred in a blog of mine written four and a half years ago where he managed to throw out the...
  40. 150-seater Carabao & Maleehuana Concerts - Suphanburi Town

    A friend of mine and good buddy of Ad Carabao, the owner of a local Thai folk pub/restaurant here in Suphan Town has just been in contact about confirming both Carabao & Maleehuana playing at his...
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    Breaking News: Re: Commuter Nightmare!

    No. Not native English anyway. Only Thais run the online Nation updates.
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    Breaking News: Re: Commuter Nightmare!

    A woman suffered head injuries after she was hit by other skytrain passenger and fell onto the tracks at the Morchit station during the rush hours Wednesday morning, police said.

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    Don Chedi Festival

    It's that time of the year again (18 Jan - 1 Feb) for the annual Don Chedi Festival in Suphanburi province. The festival, one of Thailand's most famous, puts on a huge sound & light re-enactment of...
  44. Re: walk in rates vs net rates in low season

    Very agreed on this one. Two big hotels near me charge more on their website than they do at reception. Quite obviously, over-charging foreigners via the Net. Via booking sites, however, prices are...
  45. Re: Picture Stories from Thai Rath and other newspapers

    Thanks for the Panda 'Noi' pic, Gor,. I spotted that too and thought it has to go down as one of the best pics of the year. With a little bit of promotion 'Panda Noi' (Aka: Ling Ping) will be...
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