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  1. News: Re: HK photographer facing Thai jail for ballistic vest Agence France Presse August 2

    Because governments don't want a vest getting in the way when they want to shoot you.
  2. News: Re: Phra Suthep to leave monkhood on July 28 to head a foundation dedicated for refor

    Amazing Thailand!
  3. News: Re: Thailand places in top ten for best retirement haven

    For me, it is a matter of family and home economics. As long as I have a clean house, with A/C and satellite TV and Internet, then the world all looks the same to me. Besides, I love Thai food and...
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    News: Re: New Booze Ban!!

    Nothing like a good ol' booze ban to boost tourism. :shocked:
  5. News: Re: Pink chicks outrage animal activist on Koh Lanta

    I am outraged at outrage :laughlong
  6. News: Re: Bangkok returns as sixth best city in the world

    I'm guessing about 700-800 miles from Miami. How did I do, Susana?
  7. News: Re: Bangkok returns as sixth best city in the world

    I don't care much for big cities, so I'm not sure I could even recognize a "good" one.
  8. News: Re: Student Activists Arrested for Anti-Coup March in Bangkok

    After what they have done, paranoia comes with the territory.
  9. News: Re: Student Activists Arrested for Anti-Coup March in Bangkok

    One shouldn't need 'amnesty' for exercising an inherent right. Freedom of speech, freedom of association, and freedom of assembly are internationally recognized rights of all people.
  10. News: Re: Student Activists Arrested for Anti-Coup March in Bangkok

    "He said the charges pressed against the students were not "grave" but police must enforce the law to prevent the spread of movement."

    I suspect they will discover that their actions will have...
  11. News: Re: Prayuth Rebukes Reporters in Gloomy Rant [Transcript]

    "I am sad to be born in this country."

    "Today we have to change the way Thai people think."

    " one has elected me. It's me who came to this place on my own."

    Why, then, is it a...
  12. News: Re: US Embassy apologises for error in writing invitation to Independence Day celebra

    So, he's not anti-Thaksin; that's a relief.
  13. News: Re: Finance minister conditionally joins chorus of casino backers

    Casinos have a reputation for ridding politically corrupt societies of corruption; highly effective, indeed. :party:
  14. News: Re: Thai Govt Combats Drought With Rain-Summoning Ceremony

    Let's run the whole country by consulting chicken bones and pig entrails; yeah, that's the ticket! 555
  15. News: Re: Thai Govt Combats Drought With Rain-Summoning Ceremony

    Moving the country forward :clap:
  16. News: Re: Thai Junta Leader 'Inspired' by Abraham Lincoln

    Yeah, sort of like Pinocchio 555
  17. News: Re: Thai Court Dismisses Treason Charge Against Junta Leader

    Anybody expect a different outcome?
  18. News: Re: Thai Junta Leader 'Inspired' by Abraham Lincoln

    Yeah, Lincoln was also responsible for plunging our nation into civil war. What, however, will be Prayuth's moral justification? It certainly can't be slavery. Perhaps too much freedom...?
  19. News: Re: Soldiers Disrupt Pheu Thai's Legal Defense Meetings

    Attempting to amend the charter through the parliamentary process is "criminal," but taking power by force and throwing out the entire charter is not. :shocked:
  20. News: Re: Dozens arrested in anti-coup protests in Bangkok, Khon Kaen

    Tip of the iceberg?
  21. News: Re: Bangkok Taxiís Get Three Strikes and your Out Rule

    Three strikes and my what is out? 555
  22. News: Re: Durian farmers and traders warned of prison term if sell unripe durians to custom

    Wow, and American grocery markets rarely sell ripe fruits! :laughlong
  23. News: Re: Japanese Reporter Honored on 5th Anniversary of Thailand's Deadly Crackdown

    "...shadowy "Blackshirt" militants who were allied to the demonstrators..."

    How is this being reported as factual? This link was alleged by the government but, to the best of my recollection, has...
  24. News: Re: US nominates new ambassador to Thailand after six-month vacancy

    "He was the Obama administration’s lead man in North Korean negotiations." Well, at least he has experience working with crackpots 555
  25. News: Re: Prayuth Asks Media to Expose Redshirt Violence in 2010 Crackdown

    "The events of the 2010 crackdown, which lasted between April and May, are still widely disputed among Thais. While Redshirts, human rights groups, and a series of court inquests say soldiers were...
  26. News: Re: Prayuth Asks Media to Expose Redshirt Violence in 2010 Crackdown

    Yeah, I hope the media will expose how the military inserted confederates (black shirts) into a crowd of peaceful protesters to stir up trouble, then opened fire on the protesters, using live...
  27. News: Re: Thai Junta Expands Military Power in New Order, Citing Article 44

    Citing an article in a draft charter that has yet to be ratified, eh? How does that work? Why is it so hard for them to admit that the only authority they have comes at the point of a gun?
  28. News: Re: Thailand Building Ties Closer to Home to Counter Western Criticism

    "Thailand Building Ties Closer to Home to Counter Western Criticism"

    This should read, "Thailand Building Ties Closer to Home to Avoid Having to Acknowledge the Elephant in the Room"
  29. News Update: Re: Missing tigers remain a mystery at Tiger Temple

    I wonder what missing tigers find to eat?
  30. News: Re: Junta Clarifies Scope of Article 44's Sweeping Power

    They love to "clarify." Maybe they should create a new "Ministry of Clarification." 555
  31. News: Re: Junta Leader Blames Thai Crisis on 'Too Much Democracy'

    "... I didn't overthrow democracy at all."

    "... democracy remains suspended under Gen. Prayuth’s watch as military-appointed councils hammer out reform proposals and a new constitution."

  32. News: Re: Thai Junta Asks Human Rights Watch to 'Look at the Big Picture'

    Greedy liars and thugs forcing their brand of "morality" on the majority at the point of a gun. Yeah, let's look at the "big picture."
  33. Re: Expats in Thailand, Is Your Glass Half Empty or Half Full..

    Yep, no matter where you go, there you are. It isn't where one is so much as who one is there with and what one is doing. If one is with loved ones and engaging in activities that promote personal...
  34. News: Re: US must not impose its idea of democracy: PM

    The person pointing the gun is the one doing the "imposing." If there are certain elements that all democracies have in common, and your "style" of democracy contains NONE of those elements, then it...
  35. News: Re: Junta to 'Monitor' Three-Day Anti-Coup March

    "...he believes majority of Thais understand the role of military courts under the current circumstances" I believe they do too; hence, the protests.
  36. News: Re: Prayuth Assures Thais He Won't Hang Onto Power

    The most tragic comedy I have ever witnessed. :cry:
  37. News: Re: Media Must Do More Than Report Facts, Says Prayuth

    I have never seen any administration spend so much time "clarifying" and "creating understanding." I guess everyone has been in the dark, until now. I always thought day was day and night was night....
  38. News: Re: Media Must Do More Than Report Facts, Says Prayuth

    "...create understanding about the government's policies..."

    If they did that, the people would rise up for sure 555
  39. News: Re: Thai Government Defends Hiring Relatives

    "NLA chairman Pornpetch Wichitcholchai insisted yesterday that the practice is not corrupt, because no laws forbid it."

    Well, there you have it..." 555
  40. News: Re: Prayut to lead 'super board' on education system reform

    Patriotism is now an academic subject?
  41. News: Re: Activists Arrested for Handing Out Bird T-Shirts

    It often requires great adversity to bring out the nobility in people.
  42. News: Re: Prayut wants Yingluck to fight the cases and not flee country

    The reverse psychology isn't working, but bless his heart for trying. YL isn't going anywhere. He is just going to have to make a martyr out of her.
  43. Re: Next government is bound to carry out reforms or faces punishment

    Thailand has never been much more than a "toddler" in the democratic growth cycle. It should, however, have the opportunity to grow and mature without constant interruption. Enemies of democracy...
  44. Opinion: Re: Dynamics of power are key as Kingdom struggles with the 'great game' of diplomacy

    It is also difficult to form a cohesive strategy, based on the advice of fortune tellers.
  45. News: Re: Army closely monitoring red leaders

    It is surprising that the political opposition still has politically opposing views! It is time for more intensive "attitude adjustment."
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