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  1. News: Re: Suthep leads a nine-hour march to drum up support

    Bye, bye, Suthep 555
  2. News Update: Re: Suthep: PDRC will hold mass rally for final round of fighting

    This man is squarely out of his mind. While one party was offering blanket amnesty, this guy is openly calling for a vendetta against an entire family. This guy is evil personified.
  3. News: View Post

    It certainly appears that these are the only type of petition this court WILL accept. It is totally objective, though 55
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    News: Re: Red Shirts Ready to Fight

    If the coup is successful in ousting the elected government, and open elections are not held prior to its removal, then I would be willing to wager some of my hard-earned cash that full-blown civil...
  5. News: Re: Soldiers Busted With 2,000 Rifle Rounds Near PCAD Rally

    Doesn't the Emperor's New Clothes come to mind? It is in everyone's face and yet they pretend not to see because they believe that, if they say the lies over and over, their alternate reality will...
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    News: Re: Redshirts gather in Ayutthaya

  7. News: Re: BAAC raises 947.3 million baht fund in ten days

    This is great. The courts did everything they could to ensure the farmers wouldn't get paid and Suthep only collected donations so he could pose for the cameras, all the while diverting the funds to...
  8. News: Re: Soldiers Busted With 2,000 Rifle Rounds Near PCAD Rally

    How could this be? The protests are peaceful and are advocating for the rule of law, right? How much do people want to believe the PCAD rhetoric that they can be so blind to the clear evidence that...
  9. News: Re: Suthep to call largest rally ever in Bangkok next few days

    This is the final, final, final, final...push :)
  10. News: Re: Suthep tells supporters to be on standby

    "Suthep tells supporters to be on standby" Yeah, I saw all three of them hanging out in the park on "standby" 555
  11. News: Re: Suthep to call largest rally ever in Bangkok next few days

    Yeah, and they're all coming in one car. 555
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    News: Re: Protesters stall rice auction

    That's the strategy; do everything possible to sabotage the program and then blame its failure on the government. They could care less about what it is doing to a bunch of poor farmers, so long as...
  13. News: Re: PM, five others sued over Phan Fah clash

    This has to be the most ridiculous lawsuit I have ever heard of, which is a pretty major accomplishment. I would love to be a fly on the wall in that courtroom, especially when the plaintiff tries to...
  14. News: Re: Demonstrations at embassies condemned

    Yeah, amnesty for both sides was a bad idea. Mutual retribution seems to play much better.
  15. News: Re: Demonstrations at embassies condemned

    Yeah, how could the majority of voters get it so wrong. After the last coup, the Democrats had time to institute their "reforms" and they spent much time working on revising the charter. How could...
  16. News: Re: Bid to sign up 100,000 democracy guards

    I've been seeing it coming for years. Sometimes it becomes a necessary evil, especially when the sides are so far apart and neither is willing to compromise.
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    News: Re: PDRC to proceed with reform plan

    So, in reality, they are not moving forward with their reform plan. It appears they are meeting to attempt to come up with a plan. Didn't the Democrats and their friends have plenty of time to work...
  18. News: Re: Demonstrations at embassies condemned

    They are tilting at windmills because no Western democracy will never support them. The government was overwhelmingly elected and international election monitors gave the elections passing marks.
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    News: Re: UN chief invited to visit Thailand

    The interim government has played its hand very well, in the eyes of the international community. They have maintained a pro-democracy stance, refrained from taking revenge on those responsible for...
  20. News: Re: Suthep aims for 'endgame' this week

    I can't remember, is this the final endgame; the final, final endgame; the final, final, final endgame...? 55555555555555555555555
  21. News: Re: 1,000 farm tractors, 15,000 farmers head to Bangkok

    This was the strategy all along. Payments to farmers were held up by those in the opposition camp to divide and conquer the government's support base. I believe they will find that, even if the...
  22. News: Re: Suthep challenges Chalerm for a fistfight

    Chalerm should accept and, after he gives Suthep a good thrashing, the police can arrest him for sedition and murder.
  23. News: Re: Suthep threatens mass rally on Wednesday

    Yeah, if by "mass" you mean a few thousand maximum. Every time Suthep calls one of these "mass" rallies he looks even more pathetic. 555
  24. News Update: Re: Kwanchai shot and critically injured

    I'm glad he's on the mend.
  25. News: Re: Police seek warrants for duo behind palace attack

    How does one lob a grenade in a "military-like fashion?"
  26. News: View Post

  27. News: View Post

    When is this guy going to be arrested?
  28. News: Re: 'Corrupt politicians should face death term'

    Suthep should really be careful what he wishes for.
  29. Re: Are foreginers a blessing or a burden for Thailand?

    Farang are both a curse and a blessing to Thailand. The drunken whore mongers and criminal element are clearly a curse; however, tourists, professional expatriates who bring their expertise, and...
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    Re: Hitler Poster

    Everyone in the West focuses on Hitler and what a bad guy he was, but few understand that the Japanese did as bad or worse things to the Chinese and other Asians and Pacific Islanders. The only...
  31. News: Re: Western tourists injured in restaurant shooting

    Well, that's it for dentistry school, eh? I hope he enjoys making shoes and eating cold noodles with the other convicts.
  32. News: Re: Number of Dengue Fever Casualties 2013 is Expected to Reach Highest Number ever R

    That's scary stuff. I heard they were working on a vaccine. Anybody know anything about the vaccine or progress on its development?
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    Re: Ministry wants to make Thais taller

    Height is primarily genetic. Making kids drink milk with all kinds of additives is not going to achieve the desired goal. I also would ask the question, "What's wrong with being short?" They need...
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    Re: Criminal Doctors.

    "The Kingdom of God does not come with observation, neither shall they say look over here or look over there, for, behold, the Kingdom of God is within you." "For many in that day shall say unto me,...
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    Re: Criminal Doctors.

    Many people err because they confuse faith with achieving the outcomes they desire. My faith is not that God will cure me of some terminal disease, but that I am the Lord's and his will is more...
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    Re: Knowledge vs Wisdom

    Knowledge allows one to build an atomic bomb. Wisdom keeps one from using it.
  37. News: Re: Anti-govt 'Thai Spring' website opened

    Where was this website when the Abhisit government was in power? Oh, that's right, there was obviously nothing there to criticize. Yeah, right.

    "Mr Kaewsan said the government was trying to use...
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    Re: Criminal Doctors.

    That's an interesting joke Susana, and it raises an important point. The interesting part is that the man was in HEAVEN asking why God didn't save him. It is interesting because only a saved person...
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    Re: Criminal Doctors.

    Let us not forget that less than 100 years ago most dentists were also cutting hair. ;)
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    Re: Criminal Doctors.

    I am not much of a fan of dentists either. I think they forget who the customer is. They never seem concerned with what I want and insist on telling me what they are going to do with MY mouth. I...
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    Re: Criminal Doctors.

    "There is just an ocean of a difference between just sharing an opinion, telling what I would do personally, stating how I feel..... or stating that others are morons for having a different view of...
  42. News Update: Re: Red Bull Chief Surrounded!

    Yeah, the guy committed vehicular homicide, but let's hold off on the hearing until we decide whether to charge him with speeding. How silly is that?
  43. Re: Thai wives of Brits to lose UK pension

    "National Insurance" plans are nothing more than pyramid schemes and the bottom of the pyramid is already collapsing in most countries that have them (e.g., Social Security in the U.S.). The...
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    Re: Criminal Doctors.

    Predisposition to cancer is primarily genetic. My grandfather lived to 97, died in his sleep, and was active and alert until the day he died. My father (currently 90 y.o.) inhereted the same...
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    Re: Criminal Doctors.

    Modern medical care has evolved beyond a right to become some sort of social obligation. I refuse to be so obliged.

    If I can't survive naturally, then I'll just die. I am not afraid of dying;...
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