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    Visitor Warning: Re: 2L of water can prevent heat stroke

    Just drinking the water ain't gonna stop it, but pouring it on top of your head will, and in humid climates like this is not as bad as being in the hot areas of the USA either, most of those areas...
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    Re: How many monks are there in Thailand?

    Seems to be to that the one week thing is still going great but I can not see where that does anything except deplete the family bankroll and does no one any good and does take from the rest and...
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    Re: Monster Catfish of the Mekong River

    And this will continue as long as you have fisherman that keep females with eggs and keep the fish that they catch instead of returning them unharmed to the water and making and obeying laws that...
  4. News: Re: Join red-shirt protest, Thaksin tells people

    I am glad he is doing this, altho it is the same old political dialog and means nothing to anyone with any sense but am glad to see him make fools out of the very undemocratic idiots now in power to...
  5. Re: a bit complicated luggage storage question :)

    Hell, I am off the beaten path somewhat but if it is just stuff and not a bunch of dope and kiddy fiddler pics and illegal shit You can leave it at my house and I could actually freight it on a bus...
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    News: Re: Quality of Education in Thailand.

    Now this speech given by Obama makes as much sense as anything else he has done since the 20th day of Jan, 2009.
    What each state does is none of his business and he can do nothing about it as each...
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    News: Re: 17 Killed in Road Accident

    I have seen a lot of bus wrecks and have heard of many more, it is a mess when one has rolled down a hillside with 60 people in a 49 seat bus, and have been scared witless by bad drivers and you...
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    News: Re: 17 Killed in Road Accident

    By Golly, at least they know who was driving the bus then, usually they hit the road running and don't stop.
    We used to drive, then I thought that with the way Thai drive it would be safer to go by...
  9. Re: To all Fraang, just want to share with you

    I would like to have some live culture yogurt myself and then I would not have to have acidophulis shipped over here, that stuff gets spendy plus the freight is $38 a pop.

    But then also I have...
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    Re: when someone dies

    There is also a album of pictures taken at a thai funeral over a period of 4 days. in the fotki link in my sig line
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    Re: New to Thailand need advice

    If you are single, bring some cloths in a small suitcase or rucksack and get on a plane to Chiang Mai, you will not need to many cloths as they sell them here and unless you have a special kind of...
  12. Re: To all Fraang, just want to share with you

    do you think this be a spam post Richard? I wonder if they deliver up here?
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    News: Re: Booze ban 'will harm tourism'

    I don't drink and when I was younger and did drink and we happened to be going somewhere booze was a no no or was banned, like working in Saudi it never bothered me, and had no bearing on whether I...
  14. Re: HOW TO BEAT INFLATION: Invest in a condo and rent it out

    Ain't worth the effort,, 1 month bad renter can wipe out a years good renters..

    Been there,,Done that.. No More.
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    News: Re: Booze ban 'will harm tourism'

    Yes, that way the ones that are hooked bad on the drug can at least stave off the DTs for another day, some do need a daily fix.
    I was once one of them. Sure is nice to be free.

    I know, I know,...
  16. Re: Thermal Underwear for Thai Monks in cold climates

    No, Monks do not wear underwear,, they are classic swingers.

  17. News: Re: French man injured in alleged self-immolation in Khon Kaen

    Those Frogs do some strange things sometimes.
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    Re: Hangover Cures

    mixing beer, wine, and whiskey makes no difference,, it is alcohol is the reason you have a hangover.
    so just keep drinking and you will never have a hangover, Or don't start.
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    Re: Polite Thai people?

    Hey Mick, I am home, I live here and I have a lot invested in this country, and that is how I see it.

    "he"x8 I am glad you paid that much attention to the post, now if you had paid that much...
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    Re: Polite Thai people?

    I have been ran off the road hundreds of times, both with my car and motorcycle, and if not alert I would be dead now.
    It is not because a Thai has changed because he got in a car or because he is...
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    Re: "SOP" of marriage/wedding in thailand

    "SOP"? is to open ended a question in the first place.
    If you have a number of questions then ask then in order and most will be answered.
    "HOW HIGH IS UP"? answer that one for me.
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    Re: Avoiding Songkran

    I will have to go with Richard about Songkran,
    We stock up and leave our gate shut and never leave the house during the Idiot festival, but we do have the monks in and celebrate the way it was meant...
  23. News: Re: Thai army chief denies existence of secret American prison

    Why would that be Paul?
    Just because the present admin. says that the previous admin. was using a secret base here and no one knows anything about it does not make it so.
    Obama has made a lot of...
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    Re: Chiang Mai Smog

    We also have laws and rules about burning garbage, and we also have a police force that pays no attention to laws unless they can put some money in their pockets if it suits them and nothing ever...
  25. Re: Imperial Phukaew Hill Resort / Kosit Hill Hotel - PHETCHABUN

    Laralee, My wife says that it is fancy and expensive and she has been there but never stayed.
    Kosit hill is a nice place back in a long driveway so is quiet and like I said, thet do have a nice...
  26. Re: Imperial Phukaew Hill Resort / Kosit Hill Hotel - PHETCHABUN

    I have never been to the other, but Kosit hill is very nice 5 star hotel and a nice dining room and I have had friens that came to visit stay there at times.
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    Re: Thai People are now Taller and Heavier

    For sure some of em ain't..
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    Re: Thai ID Cards

    Has been quite awhile I think, my wife is 50 and she had to get hers when she was 15 years old as has to happen at this time too.
    And just go to the Amphur with your birth cert. and get an ID card...
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    Re: Thai People are now Taller and Heavier

    My stepdaughter was a skinny little kid when I married my wife, and the food on the table changed from Green mango's and Papayas, eggs and rice, to steak, potatoes, gravy and an assortment of vegs....
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    Topic of the Week: Re: Why Don't Thais Wear Sunglasses?

    I have not read this whole thread, only this page and my connection to this site is so poor that I will not go back and start at the front.
    But I am light complected [white] and have light, and now...
  31. Re: how long will it take for us to marry?

    SVED has the right idea, and thats what I did and it worked out just right and was actually cheap, altho I do not remember how much as thats was to many years ago.
    And going to the Amphur to...
  32. Re: my thai girlfriend wants to move to england

    Threw thousands of what Paul and where did it throw them??
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    Re: Re Am I in danger ?

    I would go in a heartbeat, but be very careful what you eat and drink while in their company.
    They make a tea from some leaf found in Upper Issan that does effect most farang and they will take...
  34. Re: my thai girlfriend wants to move to england

    I think you had better listen to Paul and Curt, they seem to be the only ones that know what they are talking about.
    There are a very few here who will not want to leave Thailand,
    My wife is...
  35. Re: TAT Launch New Thai Cocktail for Tourists

    About time to, has not been near enough emphasis on drinking to attract tourists,, wonder who thought of that, sure should bring the liquor industry out of the slump from the banning of alcohol at...
  36. Re: Signs the economy's hitting the "unofficial" heart of Thailand...

    I don't think that was me,I am treated no differently than anyone else by the people in our town, no fingering of prices and none of that as almost everyone here knows me.
    But by the govt we are all...
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    Re: Antibiotics Question

    Either it is true or not true, I can not be truthful and a liar at the same time.
    So how can I be misleading people if it is true?

    I dont consider the second Dr. in charge of a large hospital...
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    Re: Antibiotics Question

    When you want to talk Hospitals, Medications, past, present and ,furure you are talking something I know as I usually see my doctor at his private office at least once a week if for nothing other...
  39. Re: Signs the economy's hitting the "unofficial" heart of Thailand...

    Surely you jest, would Thailand ever even dream of limiting a foreigners rights?5555
  40. News: Re: Lao officials to visit Hmong shelters in Phetchabun

    well I only have 1 CD and it is from microsoft with my download OP system for XP PRO
  41. Re: Thai friend becoming a monk - what to expect?

    Not speak Thai is why I menttioned this Wat as he does speak english and told me that not soeaking thai is not a problem there, and it is a nice quite setting away from town, you are fed there so no...
  42. News: Re: Lao officials to visit Hmong shelters in Phetchabun

    Well thats nothing, if you marry a Thai girl you can get a visa for 90 days and then get an extension for a year if you can prove that you make about 10 times as much money a month as a Thai and then...
  43. News: Re: Lao officials to visit Hmong shelters in Phetchabun

    So as suspected, not fighters but close associates thereof.
    Even a fish would not get caught if he kept his mouth shut.
    So that is no reason to seek refugee status outside of Laos if they were not...
  44. Re: Thai friend becoming a monk - what to expect?

    Well even as old as I am I could do a week of it standing on my head..
    Anyway here is a couple of pix of the ABBOT of the Wat and one with me in it and he is a very nice man, built this himself and...
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    Re: Telephoning The Wife

    My wife drives away every morning for school between 0730 and 0800, she comes home at between 1700 and 1730 and supper will go down at 1800, she never calls me unless she thinks I might need...
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