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  1. News: Re: Court acquit Abhisit and Suthep of murder charges in red-shirt crackdown

    Arrested for distributing leaflets? Is this what the people of Thailand want? This is what they will get, and more, under a military dictatorship where they have no inalienable rights protected by...
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    News: Re: 'No room for corruption'

    I'm still trying to figure out who the "good people" are? I guess they will just tell me that they are good and I'll blindly accept it as the truth. After all, the self-professed "good people"...
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    News: Re: 'No room for corruption'

    What about the GT-200? That was either corruption or gross stupidity. That was an army deal, wasn't it?
  4. Opinion: View Post

    Does that make him The Cat in the Hat(s)?
  5. Opinion: View Post

    Another brave and insightful article.
  6. Opinion: View Post

    Passive resistance is the only way to get the junta to show its true colors. We got a taste in 2010. A wolf in sheep's clothing is still a wolf, and needs to be exposed as such.
  7. News: Re: Military Junta Revives Patriotic Song in New Music Video

    Taking a page right out of the dictator's play book. Nationalist anthems like this have been proved effective on unwary sheep...
  8. News: Re: Court acquit Abhisit and Suthep of murder charges in red-shirt crackdown

    ...and onward we go...:party:
  9. Opinion: View Post

    Look for the Chiang Rai Times to be shut down soon. This is the most accurate analysis I have read in the Thai press, to date.
  10. News: Re: Phuket Clean Up: Phuket Restaurants at Mai Khao and Surin Fight for Survival

    One stroke of the pen and your whole world comes crashing down. It's a new day in the new and "improved" Thailand.
  11. News: Re: Military Junta Revives Patriotic Song in New Music Video

    National Socialism, Thai style.
  12. News: Re: Military Junta Revives Patriotic Song in New Music Video

    "Since ousting the elected government on 22 May, the NCPO has coupled a harsh crackdown on dissidents with a soft-power PR blitz of free concerts, movie tickets, and FIFA World Cup telecasts."
  13. News: View Post

    Yeah, not being constrained by laws or the need to build consensus sure makes it easy to get things done. Why isn't everyone else doing the same?
  14. News: Re: Politicians told to end the high life

    "Former appointed senator Kamnoon Sidhisamarn said the NRC had only 18 months to carry out its work and he was unsure whether that was enough time to solve all the major political issues, especially...
  15. News: Re: A 'Dark Day' for Thailand: Prayuth's Appointment as Prime Minister Comes Under Sc

    It promises to get much darker, once the "honeymoon period" is over. At least most of the opposition is smart enough to keep relatively quiet. I guess nobody wants to mysteriously disappear.
  16. News: Re: Junta To Retain Martial Law: Spokesperson

    What other kind of law is there under a military dictatorship?
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    News: Re: Prayuth elected as the 29th PM

    Myanmar moves forward, while Thailand takes a giant step backward. Strange how the world works, isn't it?
  18. Visitor Warning: Re: Wat Pho to increase admission prices for foreigners by 100% from Jan 1st 2015!

    I go to temples in Isaan for free. Why would I pay, just to see one that is more staged and pretentious?
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    News: Re: Prayuth elected as the 29th PM

    Yeah, "elected" by a hand-picked NLA in a roll call vote instead of by secret ballot. It doesn't get any more "transparent" than that. Oh, then there's the bit about there being no other candidates.
  20. News: Re: NCPO Chairman Wants More Applicants For Reform Council

    I don't know why such people are so hard to find. The only qualification seems to be to agree with everything the junta leaders say and vote accordingly. How hard can it be?
  21. News: Re: Prayuth To Be Voted PM 'On 21 August,' Legislators Say

    If he outcome is known in advance, then voting becomes a moot exercise. Because this is a military regime, a dissenting vote against a superior officer would be an extremely rare event. Here is my...
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    Re: Why would you want to travel to Isaan?

    I love Isaan too. I prefer the slow pace, rather than days filled with the hectic pursuit of various diversions. I like to focus on family and spiritual growth. I've done enough of the other stuff to...
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    News: Re: 'Coup should not revive old woes'

    "...coup-makers should ensure that the problems that led to the coup in the first place do not return." Didn't the coup makers "lead to the coup?"

    "We should not let problems such as corruption or...
  24. News Update: Re: NCPO: Yingluck May Extend Her Stay Abroad-Yingluck returns

    Good; Thailand's democracy movement needs a high-profile martyr. That she happens to be an attractive female is even better. Could she become Thailand's Aung San Suu Kyi? All that is needed is to...
  25. Re: No Unity in Thailand on Death Penalty

    How could a Buddhist, or a Christian, even consider killing another human being? The gross contradiction boggles the mind.
  26. News Update: Re: Young Thai Red Shirt Activist Kritsuda Khunasen Has Vanished

    Didn't I read of several instances where military personnel were intercepted while attempting to supply anti-government protesters with "war weapons?" I don't recall reading anything about zealous...
  27. News Update: Re: Young Thai Red Shirt Activist Kritsuda Khunasen Has Vanished

    I guess the Junta is now making good on the threats they made when she as in custody. I hope she is granted asylum. I doubt she will survive long, if she is returned to Thailand.
  28. News: Re: "Foreign Teachers Concern NCPO" - Bangkok Post Print Edition

    The people behind the recent government takeover are very much anti-foreigner. Foreigners exert influences that adversely affect "Thainess" and can confuse people, causing them to be less "happy"...
  29. News: Re: Anti-Graft Crusader and Yellowshirt Founder Convicted of Fraud

    Just another puppet who must have fallen out of favor with the puppet masters. Suthep had better be careful to appease the powers, or enjoy a similar fate.
  30. Re: Thai government bans 'military rule' computer game

    If people were to play this game, they might get the "wrong" idea about military dictatorships. After all, it appears there are some that are completely benign.
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    News: View Post

    Shocking! Could it be that the "good people" all come from one segment of society and are all friends or relatives?
  32. News Update: Re: Young Thai Red Shirt Activist Kritsuda Khunasen Has Vanished

    " discredit the NCPO." Seriously? Don't you need to have it before you can accuse someone of attempting to question it?
  33. News: Re: Representation of Women in Junta's Gov't Hits New Low

    Not too many current or retired military officers of the female persuasion???
  34. News: Re: Interim charter to be promulgated by July

    "The 200-member National Legislative Assembly (NLA) appointed under the Royal Command announced Thursday night comprises mostly of active and retired senior military officers." It is nice to see that...
  35. News: Re: Thaksin's birthday celebration stopped-but....

    Finally? It was a raw power grab from day one. It is very unlikely that Thailand will ever become a modern democracy. If you don't respect the voters, then you will also not respect the outcome of...
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    Re: How Hot Do You Like Your Thai Food?

    I have been eating hot chiles for decades. They are a regular part of my diet. I draw stares when eating out in Thailand. When we order som tam as a family, we place two orders; one as hot as I like...
  37. News: Re: Ms Yingluck and Pheu Thai members face indictment from the EC

    Reconciliation, retaliation, it's all the same thing, right? Anyone ant to venture a guess as to the eventual verdicts? I'm guessing, guilty, guilty, guilty...
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    News: Re: Graft buster rules Yingluck guilty

    "Repudiate bullshit wherever you find it. Reason is worth standing up for." - Peter Boghossian

    This statement is so appropriate. People's happiness with their government is measured at the polls....
  39. News: Re: Yingluck up up and away on a one-way ticket

    Typical yellow shirt nonsense :banghead:
  40. News: Re: Cheaters and corrupt politicians may be banned from politics for life

    I assume that stealing the government from the electorate at the point of a gun is somehow not "cheating?"
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    Re: Thai farmers poorest in ASEAN

    This condition is not likely to improved anytime soon. To those willing to use violence and the threat of violence go the spoils, and to those who rely on fair play and the rule of law...
  42. News: Re: Military Ready To Launch Biggest "Happiness" Party Ever-from 22nd July-27th July

    Ignorance is bliss, so it doesn't take much to be "happy."
  43. News: Re: HM the King endorses the provisional constitution

    "...and the new government has accomplished "reconciliation,"..." Don't worry about elections. With this prerequisite in place, there will NEVER be another election.
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    News: Re: Thai military stifles dissent

    An old fable about a scorpion and a frog comes to mind...
  45. News: Re: Former Protest Leader To Host 'Dinner With Uncle Suthep' Fundraiser

    "While Redshirt activists either flee for their lives or submit to military detainment, former leader of the anti-government protests Suthep Thaugsuban is planning a lavish fundraiser." Not that...
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