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    hi i hope anyone have the translation for this song..

    khob khun na nong mak..khon khun mak mak kap
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    khob khun mak mak pee.sut tai :)
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    i cant read thai. please help me translate this.
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    that song is so good.i search the lyrics and translation but sad, dont have,
    i hope somebody that have the lyrics can share with me here. khob khun mak kap
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    anyone can translate this song ..

    ˹ (mai nee mai pae-Clash) thanks:cool::cool::cool::cool:
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    sms in thai software for sony ericsson k810i

    sa wut dee krap

    hye can anyone here know how can i get the software for translation n sms in thai for sony ericsson phone?

    i have one,but its only for the pc..

    anyone know plz post here the...
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