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  1. Sticky: Re: The Emu story-Building a Home in Thailand (PHOTOS & VIDS)

    Hey how cool it is, I never come to this forum and nice to see your video fantastic. and good music.
  2. Pictures: Re: Chiang Raiís Ethnic Minorities Quit Opium Poppies for Coffee

    That's beautiful I want to see, long time never dropping by in this forum. I planned to visit it later.
  3. News: Re: Probe found 88 million baht has been embezzled from fund for poor students

    The ministry of anti corruption just effective with the poor people it's doesn't work with the high ranking officials, corruption is in the system. in such poor country only rich kids that could...
  4. News: Re: Probe found 88 million baht has been embezzled from fund for poor students

    Almost 4 years never leave the comment here, Corruption is everywhere. Want to learn from all of you.
  5. Breaking News: Re: Fire breaks out at Fortune Town shopping mall in Bangkok

    Good to hear that out relative from there.
  6. News: Re: Revenue officials to find way to tax Thaksin's children

    It's seems obsolete but Thai is the one prominent country who conservative their identity and it's origin so well.:P
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    Sticky: URGENT: Re: The King Is Dead.

    Is it's considered as disrespect to post the topic as "King is dead"? If you paste it to google translate it maybe look as very impolite and disrespect to your God King.
  8. News: Re: Revenue officials to find way to tax Thaksin's children

    Is Thailand still democracy now day?
  9. Visitor Warning: Re: Fee for visa on arrival doubled to 2,000 baht as of Sept 27

    I never use the Thai visa for more almost 10 years, last 5 years as I think the Thai visa fee was free for Cambodian citizen. I need to get a Thai visa for a friend it cost 45$ included the services...
  10. URGENT: Re: want to know the title .. please :(

    That's really nice song, I am listening to this song everyday as well. Cool!!!!!!
  11. Visitor Warning: Re: False advertising at Ancient Siam & other scams.

    Hope one day I can visit the ancient Siam Ayodhya. People nowadays it seem like become more dishonest. I think Thai people are so friendly and being honest than their neighboring country, I myself...
  12. News: Re: Thai Police Arrest Myanmar Woman for Reporting Labour Abuses at Poultry Farm

    Their government have no ability to create job for their own people, the selfish leaders such as Cambodian, Laos and Myanmar have made their own people became servants at other country, their people...
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    Re: Getting back to Chat

    Recently I never seen many members are chatting like the couple years I came by often.
  14. Re: Curious, Now What Do I Do? ( Very Long Post)

    I am sure there are plenty of ladies around 49-60 years old interesting to date with the farang, I don't want to date or meet with any old ladies, because my interested is not about the money. It's...
  15. News: Re: Royal Ploughing Ceremony bodes well for farmers

    Do you have any idea that when this tradition was began by which reign of the King, and why they should do this ? It seem that Thailand and Cambodia maybe include Laos having similar ceremony. Laos,...
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    Re: Asians & Jewellery

    Noway keeping money in the banks is more safety and secure is better way as people are trying to move to different places in each every year, as keeping a gold in the house is not to ensure the...
  17. News: Re: Activistís mother charged with lese majeste

    Foreigners should know things do and don't in Thailand, It's goodie. Thai are so nationalistic.
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    Re: Democrats Running for President in U.S.A.

    Good to read your articular Susan, never been here so long as the person that I miss is you and Paulau. During the sadness of year and busy time at work, it's wonderful to reconnect with all of you...
  19. Event Update: Re: Are you flying to Suvarnabhumi Airport tomorrow at about 9:20am?

    Missing that airport so much.
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    Re: Windows 10

    Hi Susan and Khundon. What has been up to you?
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    Re: Who is chatting?

    Nobody chatting, I hope somebody will enter to the chat box around 3.00 AM to .4.00 AM Bkk time:clap: in the morning.
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    Re: Who is chatting?

    Never come to Thaiforums almost a year only several times. Before i came here very often because i was alone by myself in the guarding post at night several days a week, i was away from home almost 7...
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    Re: Divorce Settlement in Thailand

    The things we didn't expect to be happen but it's happened.:rock:
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    Re: working in thailand

    Haha!!! some maybe married to farang age over 70 or 80 year-old.just joking.
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    My Travel Story: Re: Revisiting Thailand (Nov-Dec 2014)

    Hi how is it going everybody from every difference location around the world. Have never came to this forum for a long time almost 6 months. Missing all of you guys whoes ever chat with me in...
  26. Re: Where to buy airbrush supplies in Thailand?

    I'm teaching arts and languages art in the elementary and high school( International).
  27. Re: Where to buy airbrush supplies in Thailand?

    Good idea Susan, I would like to buy the Thai products for art supplies, when we using the Chinese are not so good. I'm attaching with my art work from the last 10 years.
  28. News: Re: Anti-military junta protest surfaces in Chiang Rai

    Hope it will have any blood shed.
  29. Re: Simply Picture Posts - No Particular Context

    Hi everyone, I just craze want to post these pictures.:P
  30. News: Re: Thailand still very low in English language skills

    I can't find the button for posting the new threat, I'm now teaching creative art in the international school about a month. I have not difficulty with my English, but I would like to learn more. I...
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    Re: Do you ride a bicycle?

    Maybe, I will post the photos of crazy traffic, where don't need the bicycle at all.
  32. News: Re: Shop Offers 100,000 Baht For Rare 10 Baht Coin

    hehe, that's why right now I'm trying to watch a lots of Hollywood movies, to help me understand more of English accent, ESP you can learn lots more American idioms by the V.O.A app, the radio app...
  33. News: Re: Shop Offers 100,000 Baht For Rare 10 Baht Coin

    No way can find it, are they not telling a tale?
  34. Thread: lampang

    by Mahindrasarath

    Re: lampang

    Hello YY. I have been to Lampang maybe 13 years ago. I don't know now maybe it's change a lot right now. I'v been to the very famous Wat over there, during that time I studied arts with the Thai...
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    Re: Cambodia Railway Ticket

    This is probably the rail road has been fixed from Phnom Penh to Kampot and Sihanouk Ville:clap: This picture I took it last year on the bus going to Sihanouk Ville.:hello:
  36. News: Re: Thailand still very low in English language skills

    I think don't need to be perfect unless you're going to study abroad so you need to get the TOEFL test, if we just make the communication with the foreigners at the tourism sites they need the person...
  37. News: Re: Thailand's coup leaders detain former PM Yingluck

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    Re: Mother's Day: Memories of Your Mother

    My mother she has patient and tolerances, whatever she done just for her children to survive. Without her i would be in difficult times today, she always been supporting to her children a lot.
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    Re: Thai bank account

    Hi mate, I had my bank a/c at Siamese Commercial bank with my tourist visa last ten year, I thought i had some money left. But now maybe they just switched it off automatically because i didn't have...
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    Re: Star Wars...

    That's good movie, i remember more than ten years watched in in Thai t.v at Thailand.
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    Re: Paul_au is on the market again.

    So what's up with Paul-au ? I don't completely understand, he broke up with his girl friend? Is she Thai lady of aussi?
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    Re: Looking for Farang Woman

    I think it would be easy to find a western lady at European country or U.S if you were born there and influence with their language, culture and life style. But in South East Asia maybe its very...
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    Re: Looking for Farang Woman

    I think you should go into the Thaigirls dating site, I think you can find many attractive ladies. Obviously I'm the one prefer the pretty, but western girls are charming in their age 15- mid 30 more...
  44. Re: An advice on a phrase for a tattoo in thai

    It's the same as" until the sea dried up and the rock melt down".
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    Re: Vietnamese Spring Rolls

    Come to visit us here, i should take you to Vietnam. At home my mum used to made that kind of stuff for my kids birthday party.
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