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  1. News: Re: Thailand, China Agree to Strengthen Military Ties

    There was a pretty famous railway project they had with the Japanese about 70 years ago.
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    Re: Days of Phuket jet-ski extortion 'are over'

    It will all probably do little more than standardize tourist extortion.
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    Re: New program for tourism in thai!

    Checked it out also. However, is "genuine" spam any better than any other spam?

    This "contributor", discovers the forum, registers, drops his load and is down the road.

    If the TAT wants to...
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    Speaking of Graft ...

    I often pass by this building and ask myself the same question:

    Since disasters are rarely prevented, and when they do happen, all new "departments" are formed, mostly...
  5. News: Re: Former PM to Face Impeachment for 2010 Crackdown

    The Thai people will believe whatever suits them, no matter what "evidence" is presented.

    The only way this will ever have any kind of objective ruling is if it was to be taken to a world court. ...
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    News: Re: Thai Junta to Issue New Law Banning Begging

    I guess the beggar mafia hasn't been making it's payments.
  7. News: Re: Durian farmers and traders warned of prison term if sell unripe durians to custom

    How about if people just stop buying unripe durian?
  8. News: Re: Thailand’s economic outlook worst in 40 years

    Maybe Mr Thanawat Polvichai should be arrested for blasphemy.
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    Re: My photos and thought process behind the image

    Here's a neighbor's amaryllis. I used f2.8 and focus stacked to have only the single bloom in focus
  10. News: Re: Three BMA garbage collectors injured in Bang Na blast

    With all the low grade explosives locals fire off for drunken merriment, it wouldn't surprise me if this were nothing more than a dud that got trashed then later decided to go off.
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    News: Re: Car Bomb Samui - Central Festival Plaza

    I would imagine all the burmese labor has scattered!
  12. News: Re: Prayuth Asks Media to Expose Redshirt Violence in 2010 Crackdown

    Trying to assign responsibility would be counter to all the existing efforts to mask it.
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    Re: My photos and thought process behind the image

    Because, I was unable to get off the shiny path, while visiting the region, the commercialism of photographing these people really ruined the mood. I couldn't spend much time with them.
  14. Re: You Can Now Do 90-Day Reporting Online in Thailand

    Of course, most immigrants are Thai!
  15. News: Re: Thailand Building Ties Closer to Home to Counter Western Criticism

    I wonder how Moscow views "short term influence"?
  16. News: Re: Thai Junta Expands Military Power in New Order, Citing Article 44

    How appropriate!
  17. News Update: Re: Missing tigers remain a mystery at Tiger Temple

    A bit of an oxymoron, especially in Thailand.
  18. News Update: Re: Missing tigers remain a mystery at Tiger Temple

    This has always been held as a "fantasy" objective by those condemning the temple. I wonder if the criticism will continue.

    I can't believe all the really bodes well for the animals.
  19. News: Re: Thailand's Military Junta Pledges Elections in Early 2016

    Seriously? A fortune teller !?!
  20. “PEPSI S2O” – Songkran’s Official Electronic Dance Music Festival

    This was just plugged on Richard's Facebook page.

    What i find amazing is that, in typical Thai style, it will take place in an "[e]specially built" venue, constructed about 100 meters from Pharam...
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    My Travel Story: Re: Your ghost experience in Thailand!

    My neighbor see ghosts, hanging out by the neighborhood spirit house, all the time. I seem to always miss them!
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    Re: download apps for ipad

    Yup; if you jailbreak iOS to run cracked apps, then upgrade iOS, it will no longer run cracks.
  23. News: Re: Junta Clarifies Scope of Article 44's Sweeping Power

    On TV, every night, after the national anthem, many of the proclamations are, indeed, clarified by the NCPO talking heads.
  24. News: Re: Thailand’s Seafood Industry Tainted by Human Trafficking Report

    Actually, we need to make it clear that the industry isn't tainted by the trafficking; it is tainted by the negative reporting of the trafficking.

  25. News: Re: Transport Minister is disappointed with Japan over flight restrictions

    Yes; our "fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants" crews can deliver, in spite of safety concerns.

    Japan doesn't understand.
  26. News: Re: PM to lift martial law, invoke Section 44 of interim constitution

    It's not "martial law"; it's "Section 44".
  27. Re: what do you think about someone is mocking how others looks ???

    I suspect they are not very secure themselves.
  28. News: Re: Torture Allegation is a 'Distortion of Facts,' Thai Junta Says

    Many a "they" in this story, saying many things.
  29. Thread: Exploring Bangkok

    by Curt

    Re: Exploring Bangkok

    Baan Silapin is a fun visit.
  30. News: Re: Thai Junta Asks Human Rights Watch to 'Look at the Big Picture'

    But outsiders don't understand. This is Thailand; we eat rice.
  31. News: Re: Thai Junta Asks Human Rights Watch to 'Look at the Big Picture'

    "This is Thailand; you don't understand."
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    Re: Art and Gun

    "MBK" is a large mall, with the 4th floor dedicated to Phones and IT. It's located at the National Stadium skytrain ststion

    Fortunetown and Pantip Plaza are entire malls dedicated to IT and other...
  33. Re: Any market or speical events only available in the weekend time

    Many of the "floating" markets, traditionally known as "talad nams", are only open weekends.

    A couple nearby markets might include Klong Latmayom or Bang Nam Phueng - both a worthwhile visit.
  34. News: Re: Witness of Redshirt Crackdown Deaths 'Abducted by Military'

    The man has a way with words ....
  35. News: Re: Thais told to give warm welcome to Chinese tourists

    Thais know how to queue, as long as one leaves no space between themselves and the next person. I have lost count of the number of times someone has stepped in right in front of me.

    In much of...
  36. News: Re: Witness of Redshirt Crackdown Deaths 'Abducted by Military'

    Volunteer medic, witness against the military, turned terrorist financier . Yes, that's our story and we're sticking to it!
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    News: Re: Ban Ki-moon invites Prayut to UN assembly

    I wonder if this could be an ambush. The general may not walk into what he is expecting ....
  38. News: Re: Witness of Redshirt Crackdown Deaths 'Abducted by Military'

    Probably just being adjusted before testimony.
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    Re: The long view of Indonesia's death row

    The argument that the diplomats have been pushing is that the two have been, and I quote, "rehabilitated". Can someone tell me how one "rehabilitates" a drug dealer?
  40. News: Re: NACC to Probe Yingluck's Compensation to Protest Victims

    These clowns keep digging and digging. They had truly better hope that their new "democracy" leaves no chance for the opposition to take power. Payback is a bitch!
  41. News: Re: Media Must Do More Than Report Facts, Says Prayuth

    At this time, throughout the world, "The Media" is owned and operated, or at least beholding to, those who "the media" is supposed to be watching - huge corporations. Most of what is reported has an...
  42. News: Re: Debate Over Women's Empowerment Behind Charter Drafter's Resignation

    In defense of the aforementioned nincompoop, political speeches, nowadays are actually "scripts". It wouldn't be unexpected to have such prompts in the text.

    I worked for a major, US based,...
  43. News: Re: Debate Over Women's Empowerment Behind Charter Drafter's Resignation

    Although women may be entering certain positions, they do not garner the same respect.

    My neighbor, "Dr. X", and his wife, "Khun Y", are a good example. It wasn't until after about a year that we...
  44. News: Re: Famous Thai Temple to Build Separate Toilets for Non-Chinese

    Had many Chinese friends, in the States, that always told me that the toilets in China were awful.
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    News: Re: Beware of 'democracy trap': Prayut

    I think that is is what worries most!
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