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    Re: How Hot Do You Like Your Thai Food?

    I have been eating hot chiles for decades. They are a regular part of my diet. I draw stares when eating out in Thailand. When we order som tam as a family, we place two orders; one as hot as I like...
  2. News: Re: Ms Yingluck and Pheu Thai members face indictment from the EC

    Reconciliation, retaliation, it's all the same thing, right? Anyone ant to venture a guess as to the eventual verdicts? I'm guessing, guilty, guilty, guilty...
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    News: Re: Graft buster rules Yingluck guilty

    "Repudiate bullshit wherever you find it. Reason is worth standing up for." - Peter Boghossian

    This statement is so appropriate. People's happiness with their government is measured at the polls....
  4. News: Re: Yingluck up up and away on a one-way ticket

    Typical yellow shirt nonsense :banghead:
  5. News: Re: Cheaters and corrupt politicians may be banned from politics for life

    I assume that stealing the government from the electorate at the point of a gun is somehow not "cheating?"
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    Re: Thai farmers poorest in ASEAN

    This condition is not likely to improved anytime soon. To those willing to use violence and the threat of violence go the spoils, and to those who rely on fair play and the rule of law...
  7. News: Re: Military Ready To Launch Biggest "Happiness" Party Ever-from 22nd July-27th July

    Ignorance is bliss, so it doesn't take much to be "happy."
  8. News: Re: HM the King endorses the provisional constitution

    "...and the new government has accomplished "reconciliation,"..." Don't worry about elections. With this prerequisite in place, there will NEVER be another election.
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    News: Re: Thai military stifles dissent

    An old fable about a scorpion and a frog comes to mind...
  10. News: Re: Former Protest Leader To Host 'Dinner With Uncle Suthep' Fundraiser

    "While Redshirt activists either flee for their lives or submit to military detainment, former leader of the anti-government protests Suthep Thaugsuban is planning a lavish fundraiser." Not that...
  11. News: Re: Thai Junta Expands Power Over Lucrative Sectors

    Next thing you know, he will declare himself president, doctor, general, field marshall for life...
  12. News: Re: Gen Prayuth says junta respects democratic process

    Nonsense; that's like a bank robber saying he respects the law.
  13. News: Re: EC says there are no political parties in Thailand now

    No legitimate government, no democracy, no political parties; so, what's new?
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    News: Re: US demands immediate election

    “immediately restore power to the people of Thailand” through elections. Is this too much to ask?
  15. News: Re: Reconciliation activities start with get-together parties, friendly talks

    Tea and cakes will certainly bridge the political divide and heal all wounds ;)
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    News: Re: Army aims to heal rift

    " that people with different political ideologies could be reformed." Reformed? Aren't different political ideologies supposed to thrive in and help shape free societies?
  17. News: Re: People show up to give moral support to the army

    Moral support? What's moral about any of this?
  18. News: Re: NCPO cites three coup reasons to tell foreign govts


    This list of "reasons" is so thin it's laughable. This coup is not legal under either Thai law or international law.

    The first order of business for any ELECTED government should be to...
  19. News: Re: Junta Facebook page draws incredible likes

    I don't "like" fascists who seize power.
  20. News: View Post

    I thought she was a mermaid because she smells like fish. Execution is too good for her. Maybe leprosy...? That way she would be just as ugly on the outside as she is on the inside.
  21. News: Re: Democrats to boycott July 20 poll again if Abhisit's proposal rejected

    You're joking, right? This should read, "...killing the country by violently subverting the will of the electorate and doing everything possible to override the people's mandate." The Democrats have...
  22. News: Re: Abhisit offers to take political break

    Yeah, it's a good thing he and his pals are against blanket amnesty.
  23. News: View Post

    Lose it is then.
  24. News: Re: Suthep announces 3-step action plan to oust Thaksin regime

    Wow, wisdom from the sages of rock-n-roll!
  25. News Update: Re: Red Bull Chief Surrounded! Warrant sought after fail to show.

    It is good to know that the courts are there to defend the rule of law and fight corruption and cronyism...555
  26. News: Re: Suthep announces 3-step action plan to oust Thaksin regime

    "He's a real nowhere man, sitting in his nowhere land, making all his nowhere plans for nobody" -The Beatles
  27. News: Re: Abhisit offers to take political break

    Didn't the electorate already give him a "political break" after the last successful election? Wasn't his refusal to participate in the latest failed attempt to hold elections further evidence that...
  28. News: Re: CAPO Slams Court Official's 'Favouritism' Letter

    "This is not what it is; in fact, it is something else entirely. If you continue to assert that it is what it is, you will be in big trouble." 555
  29. News: Re: PDRC to celebrate 180th day anniversary of protest

    Nearly 1/2 year of final pushes, final battles, and etc., and all he has accomplished is hundreds of dead or injured, a weakened economy, deeper divisions among Thai people, and a breakdown in the...
  30. News: Re: Abhisit to launch a solo campaign to sell his idea to end political impasse

    Didn't we already have a chance to see him work? Based on the outcome of the election, it appears that the Thai people are not interested in giving him another chance. That's how democracy works; you...
  31. News: Re: Suthep leads a nine-hour march to drum up support

    Bye, bye, Suthep 555
  32. News Update: Re: Suthep: PDRC will hold mass rally for final round of fighting

    This man is squarely out of his mind. While one party was offering blanket amnesty, this guy is openly calling for a vendetta against an entire family. This guy is evil personified.
  33. News: View Post

    It certainly appears that these are the only type of petition this court WILL accept. It is totally objective, though 55
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    News: Re: Red Shirts Ready to Fight

    If the coup is successful in ousting the elected government, and open elections are not held prior to its removal, then I would be willing to wager some of my hard-earned cash that full-blown civil...
  35. News: Re: Soldiers Busted With 2,000 Rifle Rounds Near PCAD Rally

    Doesn't the Emperor's New Clothes come to mind? It is in everyone's face and yet they pretend not to see because they believe that, if they say the lies over and over, their alternate reality will...
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    News: Re: Redshirts gather in Ayutthaya

  37. News: Re: BAAC raises 947.3 million baht fund in ten days

    This is great. The courts did everything they could to ensure the farmers wouldn't get paid and Suthep only collected donations so he could pose for the cameras, all the while diverting the funds to...
  38. News: Re: Soldiers Busted With 2,000 Rifle Rounds Near PCAD Rally

    How could this be? The protests are peaceful and are advocating for the rule of law, right? How much do people want to believe the PCAD rhetoric that they can be so blind to the clear evidence that...
  39. News: Re: Suthep to call largest rally ever in Bangkok next few days

    This is the final, final, final, final...push :)
  40. News: Re: Suthep tells supporters to be on standby

    "Suthep tells supporters to be on standby" Yeah, I saw all three of them hanging out in the park on "standby" 555
  41. News: Re: Suthep to call largest rally ever in Bangkok next few days

    Yeah, and they're all coming in one car. 555
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    News: Re: Protesters stall rice auction

    That's the strategy; do everything possible to sabotage the program and then blame its failure on the government. They could care less about what it is doing to a bunch of poor farmers, so long as...
  43. News: Re: PM, five others sued over Phan Fah clash

    This has to be the most ridiculous lawsuit I have ever heard of, which is a pretty major accomplishment. I would love to be a fly on the wall in that courtroom, especially when the plaintiff tries to...
  44. News: Re: Demonstrations at embassies condemned

    Yeah, amnesty for both sides was a bad idea. Mutual retribution seems to play much better.
  45. News: Re: Demonstrations at embassies condemned

    Yeah, how could the majority of voters get it so wrong. After the last coup, the Democrats had time to institute their "reforms" and they spent much time working on revising the charter. How could...
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