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    Has the Samut Prakarn sub-form been deleted?

    Hi, I haven't logged on in a long while. I seem to remember there was a sub-forum about Samut Prakarn or something like that. Has it been deleted? Or am I wrong and no such forum ever existed? ...
  2. Re: My Thai Wife is looking for Thai to English Translator - for Partner Visa documen

    There's a good translation place on Theperak road (nearest BTS is Samrong) called JT - their website is http://jtt.igetwebcom
    Phone number is 085 066 7406.
    I'm from the UK and married my...
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    Re: 90 day reporting per internet

    I live in Samut Prakarn and have my 90-day report coming up at the end of September. I see this thread is from 2015 but wondered if anyone had done the 90 day report online recently?
    I tried...
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    Re: Credit Card for foreigners in Thailand

    Hi, I work as a teacher and only have one credit card - KTC - Krungthai card. Initially, I asked some banks whether I could apply and they offered the same deal that Bucky described, where you'd...
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    Re: Reducing plastic bag usage

    Hi, I'm from the UK, I've lived and worked in Thailand and China and Thailand is far behind socially and politically on this issue. There's no campaign to reduce bag consumption in Thailand that I'm...
  6. Can you catch a bus to Bang Saen/Pattaya from somewhere in Samut Prakarn?

    Hello all,
    I know how to catch a bus to Bang Saen or Pattaya by going to Ekkamai in Bangkok. Could anyone tell me is there a way to catch these same buses from somewhere in Samut Prakarn? I thinking...
  7. Questions about Srinakarin road in Samut Prakarn

    Hi everyone,
    There's an area next to the Shell garage on Srinakarin road that's just been cleared. There used to be an outdoor restaurant. A few of my Thai friends on Facebook claim that a Central...
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    Re: Health insurance

    I agree, the wait times depend on where you live and which hospitals you visit. I have no knowledge of hospitals in Hua Hin but my advice to the OP Sid is to find out whether his wife has paid into...
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    Re: Thinking of visiting Phuket?

    I read on the Bangkok Post and the Phuket news about this. The army have basically cleaned up certain beaches - that sounds great! Bars, clubs and sun loungers had encroached upon the beach. Now,...
  10. Thread: Eating Meat.

    by PakDude

    Re: Eating Meat.

    My wife is Thai and doesn't eat beef - for religious reasons she says. I asked her about the OP's idea that monks can only eat meat that wasn't killed for them, she's never heard of it. Maybe it's...
  11. News: Re: "Foreign Teachers Concern NCPO" - Bangkok Post Print Edition

    As I teach in Bangkok, it doesn't surprise me at all that no database currently exists. That's the biggest news in the quoted article - the government is admitting that it doesn't do basic things...
  12. News: Re: Don't pack George Orwell, visitors to Thailand told

    If I were American, the 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition ordered by the Department of Homeland Security would have been the first sign...
  13. URGENT: Re: Thai authorities to build state-owned internet gateway for more efficient censors

    For some reason the Daily Mail (British newspaper) website has been blocked. Curiously, you can still download the free app and get the same content.
  14. News: Re: Thailand places in top ten for best retirement haven

    if Thailand would only stop two-tier pricing......
  15. News: Re: Thais, foreigners celebrate the Chinese New Year

    Here's wishing one and all a happy Chinese new year! I went to the local Tesco yesterday and it was chaos; a full-on pop concert outside a bank and then a human Chinese dragon snaking its way through...
  16. News: Re: Cops demand money from shopowner- in front of reporter

    Bangjong is a brave, brave reporter.
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    Re: Nobody Can Be This Stupid???

    very good prank call.....A for effort
  18. Re: What is the most unusual food you've ever tried in Thailand?

    I'm from the UK and don't really have the billy-goat-stomach that Thai's seem to have, so I haven't really been adventurous when it comes to unusual food. A friend of mine recently introduced me to...
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    News: Re: Thailand to get its first British University

    Thanks for posting that Khun Don - it really interests me and I would otherwise have missed it.
  20. Re: Tips: Removing junk files, deleting browsing history and temp files

    Yes, you're right, I've been living in Thailand for too long! Microsoft charge silly prices in Thailand for genuine Windows; I tried to take the moral high-ground and used Ubuntu a few years ago but...
  21. Thread: Bangkok4Free

    by PakDude

    Re: Bangkok4Free

    Thanks for sharing. It doesn't make me want to join twitter, but it's got some useful ideas.
  22. Re: Tips: Removing junk files, deleting browsing history and temp files

    Hi guys, I just thought I'd give a heads-up on a new product; Advanced System Care with Antivirus 2013. As I wrote above in October last year ('11) I'm a fan of Advanced System Care for cleaning up...
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    Re: Thai courses + one year visa

    Hi, I'm living in Samut Prakarn and studied at UTL in Bang Na a few years back, according to a friend of mine a similar or possibly higher quality school in Chaing Mai is Payap - organised into...
  24. Breaking News: Re: 10 killed, 17 hurt in Bangkok-Koh Phangan bus accident-casualty list to date

    More lives cut tragically short, my sincere condolences to those involved.
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    Re: Nu Finish: great for car care in Thailand

    Hi WeenDwijler, thanks for the heads up about Dulon, I found from their website they are based in Nong Khai, Thailand. The Dulon sets looks competitively priced, you get a pre-clean, polish, shampoo...
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    Re: Nu Finish: great for car care in Thailand

    Hi, thanks for the tip, I'm always on the look-out for new products. Just to give an update on my original post in October '11 when Nu Finish had lasted 6 months - actually it didn't last much more...
  27. Re: Don Mueang Airport reactivation approved for low cost domestic flights.

    The domestic carriers are probably eyeing-up massive savings when they switch back to Don Mueang but I doubt they'll pass on these savings to the consumer.
  28. Re: Anyone teaching English with no certificate/degree?

    Hi Spookii,
    Thailand remains racist and if you are a white, western woman who's mother tongue is English then you will easily find employment in a Thai school, even a low-end International school...
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    News: Re: Film extras walk off film set

    And I thought teaching wages were low! Thanks for the heads-up on that movie, should be worth waiting for. I've visited Hellfire Pass and got a real sense from the museum exhibits of what the POWs...
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    News: Re: Governors told to accelerate flood projects

    Not to worry, if there are severe floods, the PM will just use her other favorite line
    "It is just a figment of your imagination"
    Just as she did when addressing the rising cost of goods.
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    Re: Learning Chinese In Bangkok

    UTL is a decent language school, I learnt some Thai there at the Bang Na branch, they have high standards and the teachers are good. They offer Chinese courses.
  32. Re: Suggestions needed: I need 'affordable' rooms in Bangkok near Sukhumvit

    Hi, welcome to the forum. All of your assumptions are accurate, Sukhumvit is a tourist-friendly area, you'll have no problems finding the accommodation you want within easy walking distance of soi...
  33. Thread: Houses to rent

    by PakDude

    Re: Houses to rent

    Hi, I'd be really surprised if any members of this forum are presently living in Phuket but there's a wealth of information on other forums. The best Phuket forum I've seen is on the Thaivisa forum...
  34. News Update: Re: Police entrance exam cancelled over scandal

    I for one am deeply shocked to learn of corruption within the Royal Thai Police force.
  35. Thread: health

    by PakDude

    Re: health

    Hi, I work as teacher and live in Samut Prakan and there are plenty of options for health insurance in Thailand. I once wrote about a car wax I bought in Tesco and thought I'd recommend to others,...
  36. Re: Why does Thailand impose such high taxes on imported cars?

    For imported (new) cars, there are 4 taxes that apply: Import Duty (80%), Excise tax, Interior tax (which is 10% of the calculated excise tax value) and VAT (7%). Although it seems that all imported...
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    Re: Songkran festival, Woodford, Cheshire

    I like the photos; I wish Thais celebrated Songkran in Thailand like they do in Cheshire!
  38. Advice about Thai schools in Samut Prakan required.

    Hi everyone,
    I have two Thai step-kids presently in Buralak School in Samut Prakan - P6 and M2 when the new school year commences next month. The school stops at M3 and my wife and I are discussing...
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    Re: Business opportunities

    If you are willing to work hard to learn how to sell, then an ebay 'business' might be an idea. You need to find something to sell which isn't available in other countries; as an example, permanent...
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    Re: Blackmail? Son got his girlfriend pregnant.

    Hi, if I were you I'd get your step-son to take a paternity test when the baby arrives but as he and the girl are both minors I don't understand the demands for money are being made. Oh, the joys of...
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    Re: HIghway 7 Chonburi To Pattaya

    That's a good point, I don't know the reason but motorbike can't use the motorway. I think Google maps has a lot to answer for because the road in question is labelled Bangkok-Chon Buri Motorway and...
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    Re: where to find a language school?

    Hi, I was asking on this forum a while back about finding a language school in samut prakan - I'm working here and couldn't find any. I ended up going to UTL near Central Bang Na. You can google...
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    Re: Terminal 21 - New Mall at Asoke.

    I checked out this mall today, it's awesome - such a refreshing change from the standard thai-mall concept. I was a bit disappointed with the new Paradise mall (formerly Seri center on Srinakarin...
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    Re: Nu Finish: great for car care in Thailand

    Sure, I agree with you - I've always used Meguiar’s professional detailing clay with great results and their Ultimate paste wax is probably my favorite wax to use, but my thread was about the fact...
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    Re: Nu Finish: great for car care in Thailand

    I just checked back on this thread, I didn't know there were replies. No, I'm not connected financially with this product, I'm just a lowly teacher wanting to share advice! sorry for any...
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