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  1. Happy Birthday Billyboy (Sept 2) and Fileeep (Sept 3)!

    Billyboy and Fileeep, wish you all the very best, guys!
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    Breaking News: Re: Deadly bomb explodes at Erawan Shrine

    They deserve the reward- I think they're getting it for not being the perpetrators themselves. :oops:
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    Re: "Tell it like it is."

    Oooops, sorry I was wrong again! LOL Seems I simply don't have the capacity to understand this issue. I give up. This is my last comment on this thread. Cheers!
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    Re: "Tell it like it is."

    Thanks! Ahhhh, it's now very clear to me how the term has been 'misused' and 'abused'- the source of Susana's pique! Not really an issue of inadventent wrong usage (as I first thought) but about a...
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    Breaking News: Re: Deadly bomb explodes at Erawan Shrine

    Why am I feeling uneasy about this news and not buying it wholesale, like there are not well-thought out conjectures?
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    Re: "Tell it like it is."

    The way I personally use it, as well as in the sense which I have described in my post #4 , " telling it like it is" does not give an assumption that one is totally correct. In fact it gives room...
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    Re: "Tell it like it is."

    Would you like to expound on the difference, please?
  8. Re: Security Clampdown: Visa expired? Get to Airport and pay fine or risk prison!

    I'd like to point out that that's precisely the culture we wish to prevail in this forum. That differences in views should be expressed in a polite manner. But it should not be a one-sided affair, ...
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    Video: Re: Videos Related to Thailand and Thai Culture

    Personally, I have always been interested in languages, especially in how they evolve or die. What I see happening with suay now is what experts describe as a stage when-

    "... a community of...
  10. Visitor Warning: Re: Security Clampdown: Tourists asked for mobile/cell phone numbers on arrival

    I wonder what happens if (deliberately) one gives bogus or (unintentionally) inaccurate information?
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    Re: "Tell it like it is."

    When I first saw Susana's post, I wanted to reply and yet hesitated because I couldn't exactly understand how this phrase could ever become anyone's peeve. Is it because some people claim that...
  12. Thread: Lumpini Park

    by Marie

    Re: Lumpini Park

    During my most recent trip to Bangkok my hotel was a walking distance from Lumpini. And so I managed to go there often. My favorite spot is near the lake- just sit in one of the benches and enjoy the...
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    Re: Finding decent and mature Farang women

    Give up. I tossed a coin and that's what I got.
  14. Re: Elvis Presley~Jan 8, 1935-Aug 16, 1977~Favorite Song?

    There's a quote attributed to Elvis that I used to believe was quite true:
    "I don't know anything about music. In my line you don't have to."

    And then I discovered his CD of Gospel Songs! The...
  15. News: Re: 10-Year-Old Dies of Electrocution From School Water Dispenser

    Shouldn't the school have at least put up a sign saying "OUT OF ORDER"? Or if they knew the potential danger the malfunctioning machine posed, added something like " DON'T TOUCH!!" ?
  16. News: 10-Year-Old Dies of Electrocution From School Water Dispenser

    ANG THONG — A 10-year-old school boy was electrocuted to death by a malfunctioning water dispenser at a public school in Ang Thong province yesterday.

    Witnesses at the Wat Khok Putsa school saw...
  17. News: Cabinet rejects transport ministry’s proposed termination of free bus-train ride sche

    Thursday August 13, 2015

    The cabinet yesterday rejected a proposal of the transport ministry's proposal to end the free bus and train ride scheme and to introduce fare discount scheme instead....
  18. News: PM thanks rain-making teams for easing drought

    Thursday August 13, 2015, Thai PBS

    Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha has expressed his heart-felt thanks to the artificial rain-making staffs for their tireless efforts to ease drought problem since...
  19. News: Re: Fatal stabbing over Facebook comments in East Pattaya

    I remembered this news article when the cryptogram I solved today revealed this message~

    It is easier to forgive an enemy than it is to forgive a friend. (by William Blake)

    I am curious why...
  20. News: Thailand tourist arrivals in July up nearly 40 pct on year

    BANGKOK, Aug 5 (Reuters) - Thai tourist arrivals in July rose nearly 40 percent on the year, the tourism minister said on Wednesday, as the industry continued to bounce back from a sharp fall in 2014...
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    News: PM keen to meet new US ambassador

    PRIME Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha Friday welcomed United States Ambassador to Thailand Glyn Davies, saying he wished to talk to the envoy and forge mutual understanding.

    "I wish the envoy comes...
  22. News: Record Sentences Today For Facebook Lese Majeste Offenses

    CHIANG MAI — Thailand’s military courts today sentenced two people in separate court cases to a combined 58 years in prison for allegedly insulting the monarchy over Facebook, breaking records for...
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    Re: facebook is danger ???

    Mulana, if your main interest in FB is to play some games, alternatively you can create a fictitious (fake) account just for that purpose. By that it means you can give false information so you can...
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    News: Thai junta envoy admits crush on China

    August 5, 2015 6:45 pm
    KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) - As relations with western nations cool, Thailand's generals have visibly cosied up to China since seizing power in a coup last year.

    But one Thai...
  25. People with this personality type are most likely to be unemployed

    This article grabbed my interest as I sometimes wonder why some people who are apparently equipped with marketable skills have difficulty staying in a job. Do you agree with the writer? Do you know...
  26. Re: Soon you will face a ban if you overstay in Thailand

    I wouldl never imagine Richard thinking that every law passed in every country might come to Thailand! I think what he's trying to do is simply to facilitate the discussion to roll-which is...
  27. News: Prayut vows to follow what's stated in the consttitution

    Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha Tuesday refused to be wrangled into a discussion about the road map to democracy and the suggestion that he might stay on to carry out reforms.

  28. News: Airports of Thailand to Introduce Background Screening Check at Six Airports

    ANGKOK – Airports of Thailand (AoT) is introducing a new passenger system to check passengers as of December 1st, 2015, beginning early December inbound and outbound passengers at the country’s six...
  29. News: Interim Parliament Chairman Rejects Suthep’s Call for ‘Reform Before Election’

    BANGKOK — The top lawmaker in the junta’s National Legislative Assembly today said the military government cannot extend its stay in power as demanded by conservative activist Suthep Thaugsuban.
  30. News: Cyclist Says Helmet Saved Him From Knife-Wielding Moto Maniac

    Do you know that watermelon can save your life? Read how.
  31. News: Children Happy as Snow Town Opens at Gateway Ekamai Shopping Complex in Bangkok

    Youngsters' faces lit up as they got to experience the sub-zero magical landscape at the Snow Town which opened this month

    BANGKOK – Snow Town has finally opened on the fifth floor of the...
  32. News: Local immigration police told to better identify foreign criminals

    Chonburi immigration police were taught how to better detect foreign criminals while providing better service to tourists at a seminar in Jomtien Beach.

    Pol. Col. Jedsada Yaisun, deputy commander...
  33. News: Bicycle sales increase dramatically in Nakhon Ratchasima

    NAKHON RATCHASIMA, 3 August 2015, Bicycle sales have increased dramatically in Nakhon Ratchasima, reflecting the popularity of the approaching Bike for Mom 2015 event.

    Records show that more than...
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    News: "I Hate Thailand " video

    Do you remember this video which some people couldn't figure out at first what it meant to communicate?
    Well, it just won a PATA Golden award!
  35. News: Thailand’s Baht Drops 4.2% to It’s Lowest Since 2001

    BANGKOK – Thailand’s baht dropped this month by the most in more than 14 years after the government cut forecasts for growth and exports, spurring outflows from Thai equities as the US prepares to...
  36. News: Thailand to retain lead exporter of rice this year

    Thai Rice Exporters Association says Thailand will continue to be the lead exporter of rice in the world market although it suffered drought problem.
    The association said Thailand’s standing as the...
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    News: PM leads cycling rehearsal

    Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha led led his cabinet ministers, senior police and civil servants in a 15-km cyling rehearsal to test the readiness of the “Bike for Mom" cycling on August 16 to mark...
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    My Travel Story: Re: Khao Phansa Trip to Isaan

    Same with me, no Day 2. :-(
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    Re: The Emu story-Building a Home in Thailand

    Oh but WHY?? Wouldn't she miss the newly built mansion? :-)
  40. News: Re: Thailand places in top ten for best retirement haven

    I think it is a good idea to put only one foot in while the other is still out-if that is feasible at all. Complete political stability is something that cannot be expected in Thailand, especially...
  41. Thread: When to "Wai"

    by Marie

    Re: When to "Wai"

    For me it is always heartening to see gestures signifying respect of others, in whatever forms they are expressed.
  42. News: Fire Leaves Hundreds of Immigrant Workers Homeless

    PATHUM THANI — A massive fire burned down parts of a laborers' camp in Pathum Thani province that was home to over 1,000 construction workers, the majority of whom are immigrants from neighboring...
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    Happy Birthday, Mikeheart!

    Happy Birthday, Mike! Enjoy your special day!:party::party:
  44. News: Re: Fatal stabbing over Facebook comments in East Pattaya

    What kind of comments on Facebook would drive you to stab to death your own best friend? I wish the news writer had endeavored harder to find out more details. Offhand my guesses would be about...
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    Re: farang women like thai guy?

    Hi Swatcha,

    Welcome to this site! Its nice to have Thais to join the discussions.

    If you are interested in a woman, yes, it is important to understand her culture. Incidentally farangs come...
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