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US infant moving to Thailand
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    question US infant moving to Thailand

    Sawadee Khrup,

    I am an American married to a Thai woman living in the US. We recently had a baby girl (4 weeks old). We are planning to move to Thailand to live. Since our baby is a US citizen I am wondering if anyone knows the process of a US born child to a Thai and American able to live in Thailand. What process do I need to go through? What visas or forms need to be submitted? If anyone has experineced this or has any information that could help me out I would really appreciate it.

    Kop Khun Khrup,

    Thanks for all who viewed my post but I have found the answer I was looking for on research of my own. I will share this with others who may have the same concern. A US citizen married to a Thai citizen who has had a child born in the US may apply for a Thai birth certificate for their baby. Having this Thai birth certificate will then allow the baby to live in Thailand without having to obtain any further visas. If you are interested you can contact the Washingtoon DC Thai Consulate at: 1-202-944-3600 x765. I have done so and they are forwarding me the appropriate applications. I'll keep you all posted on my progress.

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