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Thailand, 10 days, Starting at Bangkok
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    Thailand, 10 days, Starting at Bangkok


    I'm travelling to Thailand tomorrow late evening with two other friends from Hong Kong, and we're staying for around 10 days. We originally planned to visit Bangkok for 5 days or so, then head down to Vietnam by Train, but because of the indirect route and time restrictions we're now forced to stay in Thailand for the duration of our stay.. lucky us! It's pretty fortunate really, because true to fashion, being 18, we really had little direction and planning untill we realised we'd stay the whole trip, we just were just planning on winging it around Bangkok. So far we've a rough plan from the tours to stay in Bangkok for 3-4 days, a few in Chiang Mei, if possible Mae Hong Son, a day in Kanchanaburi for the River Kwai Bridge, and without question a couple on some Beaches (Tours recommended Pattaya/Hua Hin). However! We've not much idea on how to implement it, and since we leave tomorrow any help of refining the details would be much appreciated, even if only for Bangkok!

    Also, if you have any other suggestions, unusual or otherwise, it would be much appreciated. Oh, and fruits! Anything you can't get in the U.k which is worth trying! Anything along that kind of vibe, something you find interesting..

    Thanks again,


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    Welcome to the forums.

    Ten days does sound like a long time but you will be amazed how fast it will go. What you propose is good but you are visiting every point of the compass and I am worried you are not giving yourself enough time.

    You said "a few days in Chiang Mai". That is 8 hours away from Bangkok. You can go on a sleeper train which will save you some time. But still, 5 days is a minimum if you include travel time. Exploring the city one day. Hilltribe treks (elephant and bamboo rafts included) at least 2 days. Then another day for the city as there is so much there to do.

    Mae Hong Son is a long way from Chiang Mai. I wouldn't do it on this trip.

    You say a day in Kanchanaburi but I always suggest a minimum of three days to people including travel). Ride on the death railway, war museums, waterfalls, elephant and bamboo raft trips etc.

    I would only go to Pattaya if you like nightlife. The beaches are not that good. A bit further away is Koh Samet island in Rayong. Much better. If you had a week you could do both. Koh Samet is about 4 hours from Bangkok. Pattaya is 2 hours.

    Bangkok you would need at least 2 days for sightseeing and shopping. Daytrips from there would be places like Ayutthaya. People go to Kanchanaburi on a daytrip but I wouldn't.

    I have dones all these trips recently and you can read them on

    Feel free to ask for more details on anything here.

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    you can also travel from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and to Phuket or Samui by plane. it saves valuable time - and the tickets would have been incredibly cheap if reserved a few weeks ago (1600 baht with Nok Air). they can be about 4500 baht if you buy them a few days in advance. if I were you, I would spend 2 or 3 days in Bangkok, 3 or 4 in Chiang Mai, 4 at an island.... that's about it. you can waste an awful lot of time travelling around, you need to be really careful with that.

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