I had a scare the other day. My new school took us all to City Hall to get our work permits, they told me that they would not issue one for me as my last one had not been cancelled. This meant I had to goto immigration in BKK and get it stamped.

When I started at my new school I said to them should I leave the country because of my visa, they told me not to worry everything will be done by them.

So I got to immigration on fri they told me to goto the labour place and get my permit, I told them I had left at the beginning of May, they told me I had to pay 500B a day overstay. Thankfully they gave me my passport back so I hightailed it out of there calling the principal on the phone, equally lucky she happened to be in BKK that day and met me at my old school, we worked out the total 21000B!!! She gave me it and said immigratioon is open on sat morning so i turned up, they only do tourist visa things on sat.
Now I am waiting till monday morning when I shall go again. Fingers crossed everything will work out then, I'll pay the fine and get out of dodge