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Song 620 "Tick Tock" - translate thai song into english
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    Gor Gai Song 620 "Tick Tock" - translate thai song into english

    This is now the 620th song we are offering for translating. As usual, if you are the first to translate this popular song you will receive 50 credits. Collect 200 credits and you will then have FREE access to our online Thai Jukebox with a THOUSAND SONGS! Once you receive your password you need to translate at least 1 or 2 songs a month if you want to keep using the jukebox. (Please let us know when you have enough credits and you would like to claim your password)

    From now on, you can listen to the song first on the web site: Click here

    PLEASE NOTE Do not just copy and paste a translation of this song from another web site. It must be an original translation.

    ŻԹ : (Palmy)
    ź : Beautiful Ride
    ŧ : Tick Tock

    ѹѧԭҩѹ ʹաѺѹ´ҡ ѡ͹
    ѹѧԭ ըԧ ѹ§ҧ ѹѧ

    * ;ٴ͹ ͹鹺͡ѡ
    ͡ѧ͡ ͡ѧ͹

    ** ҡѧѡº͡ѡ ѡѡ
    ͺպͺ ..
    ѹѹ ͪ¤Դ

    ͧ 仡͹ѧҧ ǩѹҧ
    ͷӴաѺѹ ѡ

    ( *, **)

    Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick
    Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick

    ҡѧѡº͡ѡ ѡѡ
    ͺպͺ ..
    ѹѹ ͪ¤Դ

    ҡѧѡº͡ѡ ѡѡ
    ͺպͺ ..
    ѹѹ ͪ¤Դ 礧д
    Suthee "Phong" Buayam
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    After a hiatus of 3 years, Palmy has recently released her latest album "Fill-in-the-blank Concert." The first song in the album "tik tok", is currently a top hit.

    You may sample the song at :

    Here's the lyrics:

    "TIK TOK" by Palmy from her album " Fill-in-the-blank Concert".

    man bang-ern wâa chan mâi-mee krai
    It's by chance that I without anyone.
    por ter dee gàp chan loie dee-jai mâak ...
    Just as soon as you're good to me, I'm very happy...
    kwaam-rák loie maa yeuan
    Love has come to visit me.
    man bang-ern wâa hen ter mee-jai
    It's by chance that I saw that you have a heart for me.
    ըԧ ѹ§ҧ...
    dee jing-jing têe chan mee ter kiang-kâang ...
    It's really good that I have you by my side ...
    dtàe chan yang mâi mân-jai ....
    But I'm still not confident about it ..

    * ;ٴ͹ ͹鹺͡ѡ.....
    * ror hâi ter pôot gòn ror hâi ter nán bòk wâa rák .....
    * Waited for you to speak first; waited for you to say that you love me ...
    ͡ѧ͡ ͡ѧ͹.....
    ter gôr yang mâi bòk ter gôr yang tam meuan mâi mee à-rai .....
    Yet you still don't speak; you still act like there's nothing ...

    ** ҡѧѡº͡ѡ ѡѡ
    ** yàak fang kam-wâa rák chûay bòk sák-tee rák mâi rák kâe-née ngâai-ngâai
    ** Wanted to hear the word love, please tell me for once; love or don't love me, just simply this.
    bòk dâai-mai rêep bòk
    Can you tell me? Quickly tell me.
    ѹѹ ͪ¤Դ () (示ѡ)...
    gôr man glua mâi-tan ter chûay kit reo-reo ( kong tam-dâai ) ( gôr kóp sák-tee ) ...
    For I'm afraid to be too late, so please think rapidly. ( probably you can do it) (also to be with me for once)

    man bang-ern mâi hen ter mee krai
    It's by chance that I don't see you having anyone else.
    ͧ 仡͹ѧҧ...ǩѹҧ
    mong-mong bpai gôr meuan wâa ter yang wâang ... dtua chan loie waang-jai
    Looking at it, it's like you're still available ... I'm confident about it.
    man bang-ern wâa hen gan maa naan
    It's by chance that we see each other for a long time.
    tam-dee gàp chan mâi-mee krai tâo ... loie kâo-jai bpai wâa rák
    Treat me well, that nobody else may match ... and then understands that's love.

    ( * / ** )

    Tik Tok Tik Tok Tik Tik Tik Tik Tik Tik Tik
    Tik Tok Tik Tok Tik Tik Tik Tik Tik Tik Tik

    ( ** / ** )
    (Translators of Thai Songs have free access to the <a href="" target="_blank">Thai Music Jukebox</a>)

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