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    Coup leaders get 'official' royal endorsement

    Coup leaders get 'official' royal endorsement
    Bangkok Post, 22 September 2006

    (dpa) - Thailand's coup leaders on Friday received an official royal endorsement as the country's ruling junta in a ceremony broadcast on Thai television.

    His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who is head of state, on Wednesday informally endorsed coup leader and the Army's commander-in-chief, General Sonthi Boonyaratklin, as head of the junta.

    On Friday, Sonthi and members of his Council for Democratic Reform under Constitutional Monarchy, as the junta has styled itself, received an official endorsement as the country's new rulers in a ceremony performed in front of a portrait of the king.

    "For the sake of stability, we ask the people to be at ease and to obey the instructions of General Sonthi," according to a statement said to be from the king and delivered in a swearing-in ceremony for the junta although the monarch was not himself present.

    The ceremony was broadcast on all Thai TV stations, which are now under the control of the council.

    Thailand has been under martial law since Tuesday night with troops and tanks stationed in the capital.

    At a press conference Wednesday, Sonthi said the junta would run the country for two weeks, after which it would hand power over to an appointed civilian administration to pave the way for a general election within a year.

    Sonthi mobilized troops and tanks Tuesday night in Bangkok in a bloodless coup that quickly toppled the caretaker government of former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who was in New York attending the United Nations General Assembly at the time.

    The junta dissolved the former cabinet, the Senate and the constitutional court and abolished the constitution.

    One of the next government's first tasks will be to draft and approve a new constitution that will presumably guard against the return of a populist prime minister who could gain complete control over the political system, as Thaksin did.

    Initial opinion polls suggested the coup has been popular among Thais although it has sparked criticism from abroad as a step backward for democracy.

    The majority of Thais polled said they believed the coup would help end Thailand's political impasse, which has dragged on since February when Thaksin dissolved Parliament in the wave of growing opposition to his rule.

    An election, scheduled for some time in November, was expected to bring back Thaksin's populist Thai Rak Thai Party to power, given its tremendous popularity among Thailand's provincial poor.

    Although still popular in the provinces, Thaksin faced strong opposition from Bangkok's middle class and members of the political elite, who were unlikely to accept his return to power.

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    Re: Coup leaders get 'official' royal endorsement

    Yes I saw that and it was very nice.
    I am kind of glad that they are not allowing foreign Rabble rousers to inflame displeasure amoung the residents of this country like has happened in some countrys and is happening at this moment.
    It is an internal matter to be decided in this country and is none of anyones business that does not live here.
    Foreign liberals from other countrys try and tell every other country what is good for them and will see that it is done, like it or not, Just look at Afghan and Iraq and what your liberal west is doing there, things are a lot worse than they ever were under Saddam.
    I think that tourists are welcome here and should keep their mouths shut about the politics here and they will enjoy themselves, but just try to stir shit and you might find yourself in trouble.
    Or go over to China and bad mouth the govt and then come back and tell us what happen and what good it did.

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    Re: Coup leaders get 'official' royal endorsement

    What has annoyed me about all these governments and others banging on about the "loss of Democracy" in Thailand is that every one of them has failed to mention that there has been no democracy in Thailand since Toxin dissolved Parliament and appointed himself the caretaker government following a bogus election in which the opposition parties sensibly refused for the most part to participate.
    Where was their condemnation then?
    Best wishes to the people of Thailand, the interim government, and Long Live the King.

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