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How do we say....???
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    Pearl Guest
    hello sis and bro !!!
    how do we greet the older people politely when we meet them, especially the parents of our girlfriend/boyfriend
    Thanxxxx so much,

    Smile big,

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    I was told that to be polite and respectful, you should call the mother KHUN MAE س and the father KHUN PAW س.

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    Hi Pearl,

    First, like Boo Boo said, you should be polite and show high respect (and I belive this applies for all caltures...)

    The book "Thai for lovers" contains a whole section just for meeting the family, and one for "showing affection in public".

    You can "wai" respectfully and deeply at your first "sawasdee-krap/ka".

    It will be a good idea to learn some basic words and greeting (you have it right here on the site).
    Out of experience I can tell you that my "fen"'s lovely parents were very happy I could exchange some words with them.

    As for elders (older brother/sister/friend) it is common to adreess them using (pii) before his/her name (like "pii john").

    it\'s my party and I\'ll cry if I want to.

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    Pearl Guest
    Thanxxx so much, Boo Boo and Talu !!!

    Smile big,

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