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The old empire of Thailand
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    question The old empire of Thailand

    Hi, can anyone there tell me abt the old empire... like to know where is it situated...and possible how to get there?thks

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    Gor Gai

    Ummm.. not really sure what you mean, SeeD... To me, the words "old empire" evoke Siam in my mind. If that's what you are looking for, I am sorry to say that Siam doesn't exist anymore (unless you are one of the lucky few who own a time machine )
    I was looking for Siam on the map and in books, but whenever I followed their directions, all I could find was this country called Thailand

    Or do you mean the Sukothai Kindgom, which was considered to be the first independent Thai kingdom, the cradle of Thai culture? Today, all you will find are ruins, somewhere in the Central Plains.

    Or is it the second kingdom, Ayutthaya that you are referring to? It is said that it used to be a wonderful civilization until neighboring Myanmar destroyed it . The ruins are north of Bangkok. I have never been there but I saw several pictures. It is truly magnificient, and I can only imaine how it might have looked like in the height of its power...

    Anyway, I hope one of the above choices answered your question

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    clint Guest
    Siam changed it's name to Thailand in 1939. But it was unofficialy done and it changed back to Siam in 1945 thru 1949. On 11 May 1949 an official proclamation changed it to Thailand.
    Here is a link for Sukothai that will give some good info.

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