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Electronic thai/english translators
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    rolf poelman Guest
    Chinese/English translators exist but do the above exist?

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    arsira Guest
    the last time i was my friend using it, for abt 2000 over thai baht,but if you really interested i can check out for you.

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    rolf poelman Guest
    Very interested thanks Asira.

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    raphaela28 Guest
    Not sure if you're still interested in this, but when I was in Bangkok, I went with a friend to look at electronic Thai/English dictionaries. After looking at all the models, he wouldn't let me buy one - because first of all the manuals were written in Thai, which was useless for me, and secondly, they only pronounced the word you are looking for in ENGLISH and I need to be able to look for the word in English and then have it pronounce in THAI.

    The prices varied between about $150 and $220. I've been looking in the States since I got back, but so far I haven't been able to find one that pronounces the words in Thai.

    Hope that helps??

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    Vali Guest
    YOu can get them in THailand because many Thai kids use them to learn English.

    However I doubt you could find it anywhere in the US.

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    raphaela28 Guest
    Vali, yeah, but like I said they're BACKWARDS in Thailand

    I'm just teasing, but my friend and I were really surprised when we went to look at them. He had one, and I liked his, so when we got back to Bangkok, he took me to an electronics store to get one. The one I wanted was about $200, but then he discovered that the manual was only in Thai, and he told me I really needed it in English or I wouldn't be able to figure out half the features.

    I kept telling him I'd figure it out because I'm smart , but then when we actually looked at one properly, you can look up the word you need but it only pronounces it in ENGLISH and not in Thai, because they're made for Thais who are trying to learn English, and not for Westerners trying to learn Thai. So, sure I could find the Thai word for an English word, but the electronic voice would not pronounce it for me in Thai because it presumed the person looking for the word already SPOKE Thai - so it was no more use for me than a regular book dictionary unfortunately.

    I have found a couple online in the US that you can order, but they don't specify which language the electronic voice pronounces in.


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    They have cheaper ones that just show words and meanings. The one I bought is the Jupiter series. It has its drawbacks ; but was very useful when I met with my friends family. Also , I like the challenge of learning what the different functions do, even if it is written in pasa THai. For me it is part of the learning process.

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