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Kung fu in thailand?
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    lundove Guest

    Gor Gai

    I am moving to Thailand in 2005 for about 6 months, and am wondering if Kung Fu is practiced there. I have not been able to find any info on the net. I am also interested in Tai Chi, Chi Kung, and Meditation. Any info would be greatly appreciated, Thank you!!

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    Joe Guest
    I am not sure about that but in some shopping malls I visited I saw kids having lessons for tae kwon do. That seemed to be more popular.

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    mook Guest

    thumbs up

    I know that at Suan Lum (Central Park between Silom road, Pra Ram 4 Road, Sarasin Road and Wireless Road)
    has a variety of martial Arts practices like Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Chi Kung. It's free only you have to be there early in the morning around 6AM as there will be groups getting together for practice. And you might find it more serious than you can find at any other places in Bangkok. You might find some great masters there sometimes they are around 85 years old.

    Where are you moving from? What are you going to do (as a living in Thailand? Just curious.

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    Vali Guest
    Yea, I was just going to say that they have various martial arts (especially Chi Gong and Tai Chi) at Suan Lum/Lumpini Park in Bangkok.

    And it's free too!

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    raphaela28 Guest

    It's obviously completely different than Kung Fu, but if you're in Thailand you should look into learning Thai boxing. It's HUGE in Thailand, apparently there are quite a few foreigners that take lessons or go to boxing camps, and from what I've read there has NEVER been a Kung Fu master that has beaten a master Thai boxer. It's apparently the most deadly martial arts form of defense in the world!


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    Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

    Nice one raphaela,

    NEVER been a Kung fu master who's beaten a master Thai boxer?

    Where did you learn that? And how can a defensive martial art be deadly?

    Fancy a fight when you get to Bangkok?

    (I jus joking!!!)

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    Reflex Guest
    Thai boxing is one of the most deadly martial arts because it is so aggressive. I'm not sure about the claim that a Kung Fu master has never beaten one though. You just have to watch the the ultimate fighter titles to see how well thai boxing does. Usually in the top 3 if not the winners discipline.

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    muay thai is a beli agreesive sport but i LOVE it.. i wanted to learn but i am too big size not flexible enough hehe

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    Gor Gai

    True, Muay Thai is very aggressive and really entertaining to watch. But that doesn't necessarily make it the most effective martial art. The whole idea of martial arts like Tai chi and Tae kwon do are to use the opponents energy against them.

    I've heard that many people who practice muay Thai when they are young are unfit when they are older. Anyone know if this is true?

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    i am not sure...maybe yes cos u have use too much strength?

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