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Mobile phone use in thailand
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    pas29 Guest

    i will be going to Thailand for a few weeks shortly.

    I was wondering if its possible to buy a SIM card there with a prepay card, which i could use for my mobile phone, so i can call to thai people at local rates .. ?

    since it's much too expensive of course to use my belgian SIM card to call..

    anyone have experience with this, and if it exists, which providers are good and at a good value ?

    thank you very much

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    SiamSQ Guest

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    Hi Pas29,yes you can.The most popular prepaid card would be one2call from AIS.Please check their website Cheers!

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    Pre-paid card can be bought in corner shops like 7-Eleven. The following information comes from the Lonely Planet message board:

    Quote Originally Posted by [b
    Quote[/b] ]Mobiles and sims can be purchased in the MBK Center. The best pre-pay scheme is One2Call. It's the only sim on pre-pay that will let you call internationally. All phones can be unlocked at the MBK Center too, so if you already have a mobile that is barred from using other providers, it can be done there, regardless of make and model. One2call sim costs 550 baht and 500 baht calling credit is included. Phone unlocking costs about 300 baht.

    One more thing. Using the One2Call network is cheaper than using Lenso (and other) phone boxes on the street for international calls!

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    SHai Guest
    do u know where i can find an second hand mobile ? have at mbk ?

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    delawang Guest
    MBk 4th floor, get a Thai speaker to go with you.

    Maybe things changed and I didn't notice, but I think you can only use 12call for calls inside of Thailand. To call outside, I use ATT (pang bi!) or MCI. They have access numbers you can reach with 12call

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    I bought a 1 2 Call sim card recently, basically, the cost of the sim cards differ as some phone numbers were considered 'lucky', the numbers starting with 09. Anyway, I went for the cheapest and it cost me around 300+ baht for the card and another 300 baht for initial credit to make calls in the simcard.

    There is a balance check number to call to check on your account balance (Thank goodness in english) and you can make international call out.To top up credit, you can purchase the top up cards at 7-elevens or handphone dealers and just follow simple instructions on the cards to call up to add credit by phonecall.

    As for handphones, you can try your luck at the 3rd and 4th floor of MBK. Its flooded with handphone dealers, you can't possibly miss it.

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