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South of Krabi
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Thread: South of Krabi

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    South of Krabi

    See my previous two postings. On our way down Thailand we want to stop for a couple of days on the coast near Krabi. Needs to be on the mainland, not on an island and that is giving me problems finding hotels as most seem to be off shore.

    Would really like a hotel as far down as Trang but can only find hotels in the city itself or on islands so at the moment am stuck looking for one in Krabi.

    Any hotel suggestions / Are there any towns with hotels between Trang and Krabi I could search for ? (Have sent for a roadmap but it hasnt arrived yet).
    We are on a tight budget which means max 1700 baht per night in Feb 2004 which = higher rates.


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    I may have found what you're looking for; it's mid-way between Krabi and Trang.

    LayTrang looks very comfortable. According to the promo, the former Prime Minister Leekpai hosted ambassadors from 48 countries here.

    As for booking online with, I had very good results this past February. No problems whatsoever.

    In Hat Yai / Songkhla you could stay at either city; it's a 20 minute drive between them.

    A listing of hotels through Sawadee is here.

    On my last trip to Hat Yai I stayed at the Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel, a "33-storeyed hotel, the biggest and the most elegant in Southern Thailand, designed to be the most convenient and comfortable, coupled with a Shopping Plaza, World-Class Theaters, and an ample underground car park for over 300 vehicles." (So says their website.) This is certainly not a traditional Thai hotel, but for wrapping up your holiday, you might want to indulge a bit. It's not overly expensive either.

    I hope you find this information helpful. Best wishes.

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    Here are some hotel listings for you to help compare prices etc.

    Krabi Province
    Hat Yai (Southernmost town)
    Krabi hotels
    Southern Thailand Hotels

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    Thanks very much for the replies. Have now 'found' the Trang coastal resort - and from there a few others in same area. :

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