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Using names in thailand
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    I will be visiting your country in June for medical reasons and have been trying to learn about Thailand. I found your website through a search engine. You are a remarkable young man. I have never seen a better website anywhere. The information you provide is very helpful. Thank you so much!

    I do have one question... forgive me but I am trying to understand about Thai names. Is Nattawud your given (first) name or your Family name? I ask because my doctor in Thailand is addressed in a manner that in the United States would be by his first name. For example if I were a doctor, here in America I would be addressed as Dr. Davis and not Dr. Rebecca which might sometimes be considered disrespectful. Is the Family name used first in the Thai culture? Isn't it funny how such simple things as names can be confusing when trying to learn about another country?

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    Quote Originally Posted by [b
    Quote[/b] ]Is the Family name used first in the Thai culture?
    Thai names are written the same way English names are, i.e. given name first, family name (surname) last. The difference that confused you was that when addressing someone in a formal way, Thais use the given name rather than the family name.
    I understand that it can be quite strange for Farangs at first. But hey, in Thailand you can always* go by nicknames!

    *most of the time, anyway.

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    When I was in Thailand, some Thai people I met called me Mr. Jonny!

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    Sawadee khrap. Except for official purposes, Thais refer to one another by the first name. To be polite, say khun first and then the name.
    (e.g., If your name is Predee, I would address you as khun Predee). Jonny, that is probably why you were being called Mr. Jonny. It is for respect. If you are older, or are a farang, you are considered of a higher status than the average Thai. They will call you Mr. until you become close friends. This will only happen if you are from the same social status and age group though. Choke dee khrap.

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    My name is Som, closer friends call me Som, Elder Friends call me Nong Som, Younger Friends call me P'Som..

    Should someone else calls my 1st name, they would call me Khun Phecharat..

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