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Economic system
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Thread: Economic system

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    Siriwan Kachatarn Guest
    I am currently doing a project for my economics class on Thailand; because I am half-Thai it will be easier for me. I have one question: What economic system is Thailand currently based on? Is it free-market, mixed, command, or traditional. If it is a guess, I would like to here it. Please answer if you have some idea. I have done much research and I have yet to find it.

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    Hi Siriwan,

    Hmm, well probably free market but perhaps mixed depending on your defintion as there are still many large predominately or totally state-owned enterprises (TOT/CAT, EGAT, SRT, Thai Airways etc...) Many are in the process of being privatised though, so it's becoming more free market by the day. Command (top-down) economies are the likes of North Korea, there's perhaps some tribes in remote parts of Indonesia or Papua New Guinea that still have traditional (barter) economies.

    Just my opinion, I'm no expert!

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