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Monthly rental on Ko Samui
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    Monthly rental on Ko Samui

    Hello, I am looking to rent an apartment on KO Somui, close to Cheweng area. I would like to have a place fully furnished and if possible, serviced. Can anybody even give me a clue as to what I am looking to pay per month, and what are some catches to it if any. One fellow told me that you will have to put a deposit down and would have a hard time trying to get it back (which wouldnt surprise me being in Thailand). I usually stay at the bungalows and pay 40000 baht for about a month. I know it has to be cheaper renting an apartment somewhere. It would actually be nice if I could have a few places lined up upon arrival. Any info is much appreciated....

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    I haven't done this myself, so can't give you any tips - but check out some of these web sites:
    Suthee "Phong" Buayam
    Learn Thai through music at
    Buy Thai music online at

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