You were so great with the names in Thai script wondered if you would help my son again. As part of his preparation for coming to the Jamboree he has to answer a quiz on Thailand and there are some things we cannot find - wondered if you could help - doesn't need any long answers) - just a couple of words will be fine. Some of them of course he can guess the answers because they seem like normal good manners but it would be nice to make sure. Questions he is stuck on are below and thanks very much in advance for your advice.

11. To indicate an item you wish to purchase you
a) point at them with your finger
b) point at them with your foot
c) wave your wallet in its general direction

12. To indicate a person in a crowd you
a) point at them with your finger
b) point at them with your foot
c) wave your chin in their general direction

13. To attract a waiter / waitress' attention you
a) snap your fingers at them
b) click your tongue and hiss gently
c) call them quietly

14. If a Thai agreed to meet you "at 2 o'clock in the evening" would
he mean
a) 02.00hrs
b) 14.00hrs
c) 20.00hrs

15. The Thai greeting "Where you go?" should be responded to with
a) a brief description of your destination
b) a smile or a nod
c) full details of your route, journey times and destination
What is the meaning of this greeting?

16. When a Thai asks you questions about your age, salary,
job etc he is
a) trying to flatter you
b) working out who of the two of you is superiod
c) interested in moving to the west
Why is this important to the Thais?

18. Upon receiving a gift from a Thai you should
a) rip open the paper to see the present
b) put it to one side and open it later when they've gone
c) wai to show your appreciation

23. May you chat to a monk?
a) Only if he initiates the conversation and solely to answer his
b) No. Never
c) Yes but always conclude the conversation with a wai
Does the same apply to women as to men?

26. Tying white thread to a guest's wrist means
a) you are not Buddhist
b) you are a meat-eater
c) safety and health wishes
What is this thread called in Thai?

29. On a crowded bus who should be given the last seat?
a) monk
b) elderly man
c) child
On the bus, where do monks always sit?