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Mobile phones?
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Thread: Mobile phones?

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    Since I will be moving to Thailand in a month I know it would be wise to get a cell phone. From past trips I've seen a million different phones, plans, and places to buy them (Like in MBK). Does anyone have a favorite shop that has the best prices? And what companies offer cell phone service? Anyone better than the others? Any help woul dbe greatly appreciated! Thanx!

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    There are thousands of shop so I think it is difficult to give one. Did you say you are moving to Bang Na? If so, check out Central City Bang Na. There are about 100 or so mobile phone shops on the 4th floor I think.

    Gor might be able to help you with some favourites as he is saving up to buy one. He has already done his research.

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    I like going to MBK (4th floor, North section) the most. It's almost nothing but mobile phones, or at least it was the last time I was there. I would get a GSM phone, because their service is superior to most other phone companies. GSM networks work in every corner of Thailand. Other networks may only cover Bangkok, or may not work in more remote areas. If you have a work-permit and an address in Thailand, then you can sign onto a normal contract and make calls at about 3 cents per minute plus a little extra. If you don't have either of those, then you will have to get a pre-paid phone. I recommend GSM's One-2-Call service. (5 baht per minute, and no bills and little paperwork.)
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    Is there any simcard in thailand which has roaming services? Suppose I want to use it here in Singapore, just to receive SMS from thailand - so it would be appear as a local SMS. Is there such a thing?
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