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School project and donation
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    I am writing because I have both a question about homework, sort of, and I need your help in a BIG way, but I would also like to make a deal with you, or a sort of business proposition. This week on Wedneday May 7th between 2:55-4:30 central time, I have a presentation in my Justice and Peace class about Thailand. We are supposed to make it unique and interesting, and I was wondering if there is anyway I would sign online and communicate with you over the internet to ask you questions and such. I think this owuld work well, and be a great way for the kids in my class to interact, so to say, with somebody in Thailand. It is for a college class, and it would be a great healp. I would also be willing to make a generous donation to your site as well as to you and your girlfriend, I plan on making a donation either way, but I was thinking I could donate something like $10 a month for a year, because one of the other steps of this project is to try and make a change or do something for Thailand, and I would be helping you and your new family if I donated money to you on a payment scale like that, right? Please be in touch as soon as possible, Thanks,

    Julie Kane, St. Paul Minnesota

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    Dave UK Guest
    I am not Gor but have you considered the time difference? Won't it be 3 o'clock in the morning in Thailand?

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